My Favorite Quotes
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 Al Walker - “Andre is our go-to guy because he can create his own shot. He's a very good player and he's only going to get better and better.”  
 William Mills - “Naw, I've had so many buildings, ... (Maas) was still a good building (before demolition). And I outlasted it.”  
 Shannon Stewart - “He's a fun guy to have around the clubhouse. He's a very good guy.”  
 Shannon Cross - “They will be facing head winds of (component) pricing going up, but they've done a good job of managing margins last several quarters.”  
 Chris Roche - “Alex is a great leader on this team practicing very hard every day without the promise of playing time. He's a very good shooter and everybody on our team respects his work ethic and I'm delighted he took advantage of the opportunity he was given tonight.”  
 Adrian Lund - “Now almost every vehicle we test offers good protection.”  
 Irv DeGraw - “If you're a good deal you're going to get done. If you're not a good, strong, solid deal, there's no hope for you.”  
 Travis Williams - “We've got to keep them off the boards. They're good at crashing the boards for second and third shot attempts. So we've got to keep them off the offensive glass, and we also have to minimize our turnovers.”  
 Mark Mears - “With those two out of the lineup, and mentally the team was deflated and knew it would be tough to win. But we learned a little more about Reynolds. We didn't duck anybody. We put our good wrestlers against theirs to see what happened.”  
 Bretta Perkins - “It's good soap. It'll get poison ivy off and ring around the collar. And it won't eat up your hands, no matter what you've heard people say.”  
 Aaron Gray - “This is a typical Big East game. Even this game came right down to the last shot. The guys did a good job fighting back. It's going to be like this day-in and day-out. There's no gimme wins in this conference.”  
 Mike Montgomery - “I think in the proper context, they'll be fine. It would be unusual that the five guys that aren't starting are as good as the five guys that are starting. But I think each of the guys in their own right has things they do for you.”  
 Pat Coyle - “She turned it really good. And I'm not sure of the status yet.”  
 Abraham Nunez - “I like (the boos) because it makes you want to do something good.”  
 Marva Collins - “Don't try to fix the students, fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior. When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed.”  
 Kim Clijsters - “Especially for such a big event, with so many good players, yeah, it was a quick one.”  
 Bobby Pierce - “We had some good two-strike and two-out at-bats.”  
 Scott Beehler - “John was a big part of the offense tonight. He played a good all-around game, unfortunately they (Lead-Deadwood) made some shots at the end.”  
 Roger Quarles - “We're desperate. We're in a desperate situation, and the prospect is not good.”  
 Billy Donovan - “Our guys were prepared and knew Sheldon was a good 3-point shooter. But I think there was a lack of respect for the 3-point line tonight by our guys.”  
 Joe Torre - “Mo is fine. They hit one ball good Gomes' base hit to left. The others were a two-strike chopper over the mound and a jam shot to left.”  
 Peyton Knight - “Property owners should not be punished for being good environmental stewards, yet that is exactly what the ESA does.”  
 Joe Nemechek - “I think a tire was going down on Hamlin's car, ... He slammed on the brakes and I ran into him hard and smashed in my grille pretty good. That made the car real tight for the rest of the race.”  
 Matt Brady - “They're both good teams with terrific senior guards. I'm happy to have earned a bye. It's something we couldn't do in our first year here. We're making progress.”  
 Al Stokes - “We're going to support Mills any way we can. It's to our advantage and to the good of everyone in South Carolina if he's successful.”  

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