My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Thompson - “I'd get fined if I let my grass grow.”  
 Mike Holder - “We won't see many cattle turned out to the pastures before the end of April this year. The grass just isn't greening up. It's too dry.”  
 Christian Anderson - “The campaigns have done of a lot of the intensive grass-roots work and electronic media radio and TV advertising. They're clearly generating more interest than we had two years ago, and I think that'll carry through to election day.”  
 Linda Heath - “Readers like the grass to be browner on the other side of the fence, and the browner the better.”  
 Martin Grass - “While we were disappointed by our fourth-quarter results, our East Coast same-store sales continued their excellent performance, and our West Coast same-store sales continue to improve each quarter. Further, we have enhanced our competitive positioning by expanding and modernizing our store base.”  
 Kiaran McLaughlin - “If he were to win the race like Sinister Minister won the Blue Grass, the heck with being smart and thinking it's too much pace. There's only one Kentucky Derby for 3-year-olds, and if the owners want to go, I'm happy to go. If he were to win by five or more, it's hard to tell the owners they can't run in the Derby.”  
 Brian Allen - “His goal now is to throw it on the grass.”  
 Chris Wolfe - “Coach said to throw it as hard as I could, ... I didn't even see it, I was eating grass.”  
 Proverb - “The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but you still have to mow it.”  
 Shelley Rohl - “It gets to be expensive. In the summer there is plenty of grass for them to graze on, but as soon as the first big freeze hits there's not much there.”  
 Proverb - “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself”  
 Greg Rusedski - “Some say that grass is for cows. I guess clay is for making bricks.”  
 Winnie Pooh - “The spring has sprung, the grass is rizz. I wonder where them birdies is”  
 Saskya Pandita - “When she walked...she stretched out long and thin like a little tiger, and held her head high to look over the grass as if she were treading the jungle.”  
 How Days - “You think maybe he thinks the felt is grass”  
 Daniela Hantuchova - “Definitely I felt like I always played well in Tokyo, I like the fast speed of the ball, it's very similar to grass.”  
 Phyllis Diller - “I asked the waiter, 'Is this milk fresh' He said, 'Lady, three hours ago it was grass”  
 Johnny Knoxville - “Get high on grass - the legal kind”  
 John Keats - “St Agnes' Eve - Ah, bitter chill it was The owl, for all his feathers, was a-cold The hare limped trembling through the frozen grass, And silent was the flock in woolly fold.”  
 Jay Cooperider - “The Bermuda grass stock has risen. Everyone we talked to in Baltimore loved the grass and had not encountered any problems with it.”  
 Anthony Becht - “It was pretty tough for Paul in New York, ... Sometimes fans feel the grass is greener in terms of someone else doing a better job, but that's not necessarily the case.”  
 Tony Ware - “We have used a different kind of grass because it gives a much thicker and more even covering which means it won't break up as the match goes on and there won't be much turn, even on days four and five.”  
 Kent Nelson - “It doesn't take much. We have high winds, relatively low humidity and as it gets to be late afternoon the sun warms things up and all it takes is a spark and the fine fuels, the grass and twigs, will ignite very easily.”  
 Amanda Peloso - “Many schools are moving toward using aqua turf instead of grass because of that.”  
 Andy Lopez - “We're going to get a brand-new scoreboard and playing surface and some type of shade roofing on the stadium. Our immediate plans include a new playing surface and grass berms in the bleachers near the bullpens.”  

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