My Favorite Quotes
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 Crystal Merillat - “The headstone had just been placed the day before and when I saw the grave and part of it was empty, it was like they killed my son again.”  
 Mahmoud Abbas - “Abbas laid the cornerstone for a new Arafat memorial, even as he acknowledged that his predecessor had no wish for a grandiose building. He had no dreams of having a palace in Palestine but only to have a grave in Jerusalem, ... God willing, he will be buried in Jerusalem.”  
 Hanno Langenhoven - “Obscene richness in the light of extreme poverty is a grave injustice.”  
 Benjamin Franklin - “There will be sleeping enough in the grave”  
 William Wordsworth - “but(for) she is in her grave - and, oh, the difference to me”  
 Laurence Peter - “A rut is a grave with the ends knocked out.”  
 Haley Barbour - “To me looting is about the equivalent of grave robbing, ... We're not going to stand for it.”  
 Frank Kelly - “We wanted a stone on his grave. This gives him the recognition he deserves.”  
 Mark Twain - “No real estate is permanently valuable but the grave”  
 Rick Beggs - “Prior to 1850, caskets were like Dracula's they were widest at the shoulder and narrowed down. When they dug a grave, they dug down to a point and then they dug the hole to match the shape of the coffin. This produced a shoulder of undisturbed soil, the coffin ledge, that the archeologist was probing. I tried it, and it takes quite some skill.”  
 Shlomo Yosef - “The prime minister is sedated and on a respirator. One could say his condition is grave.”  
 Allama Iqbal - “But only a brief momentis granted to the braveone breath or two, whose wage isThe long nights of the grave.”  
 John Fisher - “September and October are too late to fill the markets we're used to filling in May. I have grave doubts it will protect our markets.”  
 William Cullen Bryant - “Another hand thy sword shall wield,Another hand the standard wave,Till from the trumpet's mouth is pealedThe blast of triumph o'er thy grave.”  
 Cardinal Ratzinger - “those...who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”  
 Charles Dickens - “You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There's more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are”  
 Genrikh Padva - “This is outrageous. This is a grave punishment.”  
 William Gilbert - “I'm a greenery-yallery, Grosvenor Gallery, Foot-in-the-grave young man”  
 Thomas More - “She is far from the land where her young hero sleeps, And lovers are round her, sighing But coldly she turns from their gaze, and weeps, For her heart in his grave is lying.”  
 George Meredith - “A kiss is but a kiss now and no wave of a great flood that whirls me to the sea. But, as you will we'll sit contentedly, and eat our pot of honey on the grave.”  
 George Parnham - “A woman with this notoriety, with this type of offense charged, would be at risk ... I have grave, grave concerns.”  
 George Parnham - “I have grave, grave concerns about Andrea's safety.”  
 Yasser Arafat - “Regrettably, this is a dangerous escalation that drags the whole region into a very critical, bad and grave situation,”  
 George Eliot - “I like not only to be loved, but to be told that I am loved the realm of silence is large enough beyond the grave”  
 Ellen Glasgow - “The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions”  

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