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 Scott Williams - “I've seen him kind of grow from ninth grade, because I was the junior varsity coach his freshman year. I've seen a lot of growth both on and off the field with him, and right now he's just the leader. He does it by actions, and he's even our spiritual leader.”  
 Ken Wattret - “It was above 50 before the Iraq war started, and now that downward reaction to the war has been unwound. Are we likely to see sustained long-term growth That's still uncertain.”  
 Alan Bollard - “The most serious risk to medium-term inflation is the continuing strength of household spending, supported by a relentless housing market and rapid growth in mortgage lending,”  
 Robert Maire - “Expectations are that the semiconductor industry continues to expand despite the normal historical summer seasonality. Annual revenue growth for the industry could be up to 40 percent.”  
 Manuel Pangilinan - “Growth in core earnings will be benign as revenue growth moderates.”  
 Paul Taylor - “It's been a year-long phenomenon of moderating growth. That was the fastest growing category last year.”  
 Peter Erskine - “The strong growth that we reported across all our businesses in the first quarter was maintained into the second quarter, and this will be reflected in our first-half results,”  
 Walter Veltroni - “We have more growth, more employment, lower inflation and tourism is doing well.”  
 Richard Doherty - “We think it's going to be a very strong earnings call, with no heavy expenditures, and we expect earnings and growth to continue with the transition to Intel. We haven't seen any slowdown in sales since the close of the quarter.”  
 Jonathan Moreland - “There are more interesting companies with . . . stronger insider (buying) patterns and frankly more exciting growth.”  
 Rob Enderle - “The GPS navigation market is poised for rapid growth in the US in 2006. The most successful GPS products will be those with affordable prices, strong performance, and a simple user interface.”  
 Teo Kiat - “We are quite positive on the Singapore market given that economic growth has been coming in above market expectations. Valuations are reasonable and earnings are continuing to come in.”  
 Klaus Rinnen - “We expect sequential quarterly revenue growth to have returned in the first quarter of 2006, after hitting a low point in the fourth quarter of 2005.”  
 Skip Rimer - “We do those because our research shows that high-tech growth is a critical part of regional economic development. Those cities and regions that do have a strong tech component generally tend to do better than others.”  
 Charles Smulders - “The downturn in growth is concrete evidence that saturation in key segments is playing an increasingly important role in overall market growth, with new shipments unable to mask the effects of economic cycles on replacement buying,”  
 Nicki Harrington - “Our counties are growing. They're projecting about a 200,000-student growth for our district territory over the next decade, and we're preparing for that.”  
 Kim Rupert - “We suspect the FOMC will say that while Katrina had a devastating regional impact, aggregate growth should be only temporarily damped.”  
 Robert Barbera - “Faltering U.S. new home sales, reflecting shrinking housing affordability, call into question the notion of another year above-trend growth for U.S. consumer spending and real gross domestic product.”  
 Charles Groat - “While the USGS presence and efforts in Alaska are significant, they are clearly not adequate to meet the growing needs of an area that will see major growth in tourism and resource development.”  
 Mickey Levy - “I'd read it differently. It's hard to question that housing activity is strong -- it is. The question is what's going to happen to the rate of growth, and I think it's going to flatten out.”  
 Ken Perkins - “On the economic front, there haven't been significant improvements in jobs and wage growth, and the comparable sales comparisons are only getting tougher. It sounds reasonable to expect big discounts this year. The macro factors would suggest it.”  
 Mark Edelstone - “Revenue growth is decelerating rapidly, and a trough isn't expected until the third quarter of 2001, ... Based on semiconductor industry data for November, we also lowered our projection of the global industry's growth rate in 2000 to 36 percent from 40 percent.”  
 Mark Mobius - “There's no reason to sell, because earnings growth is keeping pace with share prices. We're in an amazing period of history for many of these markets.”  
 Michael Dale - “We are tremendously excited about how this transaction strengthens our company's position in the heart-valve therapy space and further heightens our growth potential in the cardiac surgery market.”  
 Paul Reilly - “Every sign right now points to job growth. The jobs are there.”  

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