My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Dunn - “I have found out first hand all I heard about Shanksville is true,”  
 Ray Lewis - “It's not hard for a rookie quarterback to drop back and hand the ball to Curtis Martin.”  
 Bobby Lutz - “Martin brings something that Calvin can't do. But I'm not going to hand him the starting position before the first day of practice. I've never done that.”  
 Aaron Boone - “Everyone had a hand in tonight's win and hopefully it will get us going a little bit.”  
 Bill Parcells - “These kind of losses are big when you think you have the game in hand. Those kind of losses can carry over if you let them.”  
 Justin Cage - “I just did whatever I had to do to get my hand on it.”  
 Dennis Green - “I don't think it's realistic to expect someone to snap (with his left hand) and also be able to block with that right hand. I think we're going to be patient, let it heal and then it depends on what kind of restricted device on that hand.”  
 Peter Rohde - “He would need to put in a solid session to put his hand up for selection.”  
 Lisa Hammond - “Pasco on the other hand is at 40 percent of anticipated participation, which is very disheartening,”  
 Tiger Woods - “The Nelson was more disappointing because I bogeyed the last hole when I had the cut in hand.”  
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire”  
 Cliff Floyd - “Those guys seemed real relaxed. I think we, on the other hand, weren't that relaxed. And it showed.”  
 Mark Mulder - “When it's right, it's coming out of my hand just like a fastball, ... And the hitter sees it, and I think the reaction would be, 'I got this.' And then, all of sudden, boop It drops.”  
 Mike Hall - “There was a yellow recycling bin, and the lid was flipped open. And inside the dumpster was a pile of rocks, boulders. And you could see a hand in there.”  
 Joe Burnett - “It was the hand of man that put them in this position. It should be the hand of man that brings them back.”  
 Chad Qualls - “I'm more frustrated about the outcome. I let the game get out of hand instead of stopping them like I normally do.”  
 Ghada Jamsheer - “I received this letter, which was hand-delivered, four days ago and it said that the seven judges who signed this letter are no longer involved in my cases,”  
 John Hand - “The Saticoy seed is available commercially, ... We don't have a corner on the market.”  
 John Sutherland - “Whilst some may argue that Dickens is really too big a morsel to be swallowed by text, the Great Inimitable himself began working life as a short hand writer,”  
 Ric Sperling - “You've got to hand it to them it's very rare you see a high school team put that many hits together in one inning.”  
 John Ray - “Industry is fortunes right hand, and frugality its left.”  
 Phil Mickelson - “It was a great feeling walking up (the 18th fairway) knowing that I had the tournament in hand.”  
 Jack Canfield - “I call it the hand of God.”  
 Whitney Mays - “Sometimes, there's only so much you can do. All we can do is hold out a hand and hope they grab hold.”  
 Des McAnuff - “Our audiences will feel like they are experiencing Sinatra's life first hand,”  

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