My Favorite Quotes
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 Kim Gandy - “This is not just about South Dakota. Women's rights, women's health and women's lives are on the line.”  
 Marcus Tullius Cicero - “In nothing do men approach so nearly to the Gods, as in giving health to men.”  
 Chris Scelfo - “A 2-hour mental health clinic.”  
 Len Lichtenfeld - “What this study does in a detailed way, with the advantage of outstanding long-term follow-up and health records, is clearly demonstrate the impact of smoking on the duration of life.”  
 Jason Snelling - “I've had a rocky road with injuries and health and medical problems. I'm hoping to have a complete season.”  
 John O'Hara - “It will have a far-reaching impact on protecting the health and lives of thousands of Prince George's County residents.”  
 Malik Peiris - “In terms of human health, the predominant risk is poultry because that is where there is significant exposure to the human population. The direct risk of migrating birds (infecting) humans is negligible -- it's like being knocked down by a bus.”  
 Mike Davis - “If you're unsure whether you qualify for this program, you should contact either Social Security or the Indiana Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP).”  
 Lawrence Jacobs - “The St. Paul race provides another kind of lens, which is what happens to moderate Democrats that are allies of the president The message coming out of St. Paul is it can be really hazardous to your political health.”  
 Robert Guerrero - “Health officials feel that a pandemic flu is likely to occur and no one's calling the avian flu the next pandemic, but we know that, sooner or later, something is going to happen. So, we need to be prepared.”  
 Mary Ruiz - “I was surprised that we did as well as we did. Per capita spending for mental health has been going down for more than a decade. When per capita spending goes down, patients' access to mental health services suffers.”  
 John Lonski - “We also had an outright inversion in 1998 and there was no recession until 2001, although I would add there was a deterioration in corporate financial health that got underway in 1998 that didn't really end until 2002.”  
 Greg Knapp - “I think he did a great job last year of taking a lot fewer hits. He understands how important his health is to this team and that he doesn't need to put himself in harm's way.”  
 Nick Saban - “We try to prevent health problems from happening. We space practices out where you have two meals and two opportunities to get hydrated.”  
 Jimmy Doolittle - “It would have been impossible to evacuate out of town. My grandparents both have health problems, and, financially, they had nowhere to go.”  
 Steven Nissen - “I expected the advisory panel to turn the drug down. When they didn't, I was really surprised. And so I now had a potential public health catastrophe in the waiting,”  
 Steven Blair - “We have a public health problem of overweight and obesity, but it's been blown out of proportion, ... We focus on obesity and not on other health habits and other risk factors.”  
 Jeffrey Levi - “This should be read as something of a wake-up call to health departments.”  
 Benjamin Franklin - “Rules of Health and long Life, and to preserve from Malignant Fevers, and Sickness in general.”  
 Dale Brown - “There are standards to which students should adhere while in school so learning is not compromised and health and safety are not jeopardized.”  
 Mohamed ElBaradei - “poverty, mental health problems and 'lifestyle' diseases have come to pose a far greater threat to affected communities than radiation exposure.”  
 Brian Adams - “Shelters here are less than comfortable, and poor sanitation can develop quickly. Residents who decide to stay in the county, even those who go to local shelters, are risking their health and safety.”  
 Angela Merkel - “Ms Merkel has not sold her soul. The reform of the health insurance scheme next year will show that,”  
 Brian Berger - “The platform integrity feature available with Wave's Embassy technology is one of the industry's first solutions designed to provide TNC products with the strong authentication capabilities of a TPM. Embassy delivers key identity capabilities for the network authentication of users and machines as well as important integrity capabilities for the collection of data necessary to determine the health of a particular PC prior to network access.”  
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - “Imagination is not the talent of some men, but is the health of every man”  

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