My Favorite Quotes
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 Irish Blessings - “Bless your little Irish heart and every other Irish part.”  
 Adrian Benziger - “The girls played outstanding. The girls played through injuries and played with a lot of heart.”  
 Daniel Petrocelli - “He has testified from his heart. He has nothing to hide. I can't add to it.”  
 Brian Fanelli - “The girls have the heart to do it.”  
 Charles Simeon - “The sigh, the groan of a broken heart, will soon go through the ceiling up to heaven, aye, into the very bosom of God.”  
 Mike Gurley - “That took a lot out of us. That was the heart and soul of what we try to do. We showed a lot of character and a lot of poise, but we've just got to get better.”  
 Robert Redford - “As San Francisco holds a special place in my heart and is one of the nation's great centers of independent film, I am particularly excited to have found such a perfect home for Sundance in this city.”  
 Aristotle - “Not to get what you have your heart set on is almost as bad as getting nothing at all”  
 Mary Jane - “It just rips your heart out,”  
 Marc Volavka - “Heart bypass patients with hospital-acquired infections were more likely to die, be readmitted and have longer lengths of stay than those patients without infections.”  
 Norm Johnson - “Pittsburgh may outnumber us in fans, but nobody has the heart and soul that a Seahawks fan has.”  
 Joe Rodriguez - “I don't want the guys with excuses. I want the guys with guts and heart. The guys who'll go in the ring.”  
 Calvin Saunders - “We showed heart in the second half.”  
 Rick Santorum - “Open your heart to these babies,”  
 Sue Peet - “They were very sad. But we haven't had her all year long. (Thursday) was just her third match after surgery on her knee. We lost her after the first match of the season. But she's the heart and pride of this team.”  
 Lee May - “But I'll always be a Red at heart.”  
 John Rocker - “Even though it might appear otherwise from what I've said, I am not a racist. I should not have said what I did because it is not what I believe in my heart.”  
 Aaron Murphy - “They really put their heart into it. They all hit, one after another.”  
 Chuck Hardt - “We never trailed. We found our heart in this game, we now know we can rely on each other in tight situations.”  
 Madame Stael - “In matters of the heart, nothing is true except the improbable”  
 Kieran Suckling - “Pombo's bill would rip the heart out of the Endangered Species Act. It would leave the act in tatters.”  
 Linda Wells - “My heart goes out to them. They've lost their babies, their hopes, their dreams for their futures,”  
 Jen Bluestein - “Freddy is going to speak from the heart to all New Yorkers, and he is especially looking forward to debating Mike Bloomberg himself instead of Bloomberg's 50 million smear machine,”  
 Robert Burns - “The heart and benevolent and kind the most resembles God.”  
 Chad Fox - “I'll tell you. He's just doing it by heart. That's the way we all do it.”  

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