My Favorite Quotes
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 Courtney Hill - “That's been one of the most successful campaigns we've had in the history of lottery.”  
 Fernand Braudel - “Everything must be recaptured and relocated in the general framework of history, so that despite the difficulties, the fundamental paradoxes and contradictions, we may respect the unity of history which is also the unity of life”  
 Ralph Carlson - “I think it's going to be a happening. I'd recommend going there. It's part of history.”  
 Bruce Gellin - “We felt it was best suited to have our preparation based on that worst case, which in recent history was 1918.”  
 Joel Rassman - “This will either be our most profitable or our second-most profitable year in the company's history.”  
 Rodger Schmidt - “That's probably the greatest curling game in the history of Italy. You saw it. You just saw curling in Italy.”  
 Brian McCarthy - “Be careful, ... There have been instances throughout the Super Bowl's history where fans have been duped by ticket brokers into buying counterfeit tickets.”  
 Kinky Friedman - “This is a true moment in history. When we get on the ballot, we'll be making history.”  
 Phil Williams - “The next thing we remember like that in our history is 911,”  
 Mark Baldassare - “The governor has a history of finishing strong,”  
 John O'Quinn - “To me, it's a piece of history. What a great human being Pope John Paul was.”  
 Xavier Carter - “I have a lot to accomplish here still. I've got the indoor 400-meter championship under my belt, and I want to get the 200 championship under my belt. And I want to get some outdoor championships, the 200 or the 400, or maybe both. And I want to try to get the most All-American titles in school history.”  
 Rick Ross - “Whether or not the allegations against him are true or not, I don't see what happened as so much about the goth subculture as his personal history.”  
 Winston Churchill - “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”  
 Mark Ward - “This program is a broad examination of the natural history of the Maine Coast.”  
 John Noel - “You can almost hear those trees talk. You can feel it, the history. When John Hancock, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were signing the Declaration of Independence, this forest was already growing.”  
 Mark Loretta - “I don't think there's any better 3-4 combination you could have behind you in the game. Maybe in history.”  
 Bill Duffy - “While the NBA and its players have much to discuss, there is one issue upon which both sides will likely agree. Thanks to the Carlos Boozer fiasco, the 14-day moratorium on signings might soon become part of history. It opened up a can of worms, ... I think the league wants to prevent something like this from happening again.”  
 Creagh O'Connor - “Trevor has fulfilled one of Australian crickets most important roles in what has been one of the most successful eras in our history.”  
 Colin Clarke - “They've got a history, mostly because of one player, ... Someone was talking crap. A player, I can't remember.”  
 Cass Sunstein - “He is unquestionably one of the most important figures in the history of American law.”  
 Joe Buck - “For Buck to call Moss's brief show a disgusting act ... I just know with the history he's had, and coming off that game at Washington, it was just stunning to see.”  
 Brian McConnell - “It's a momentous day for the sport and Winnipeg as well. It's history in the making and to have it come from a homegrown talent is just amazing.”  
 Ron Honberg - “Somebody may be very clearly psychotic and have a history of behaviors that establish the person was ... delusional, but that doesn't get you to insanity the way the law looks at it.”  
 Mark Schneider - “Preval has to turn history upside down in Haiti.”  

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