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 Karl Gilbert - “We seem to be catching them when they are playing their best hockey. We played well enough to win.”  
 Chris Bailey - “The two biggest mistakes USA Hockey has ever made is not having a post-Olympic tour in 1998 and cutting Cammi Granato.”  
 Aaron Guiel - “I've never played hockey, it was a lucky shot, I had no idea where it was going.”  
 Darius Kasparaitis - “We did things hockey players don't ordinarily do, but all the guys took it well. It was very physical. Imagine pushing an 8,000-pound car uphill. I think it made us closer. You learn a lot about each other. Nobody quit. You're not ashamed to look each other in the eye after that.”  
 Rick Gedney - “When you're playing against Simsbury, with its reputation in girls' hockey, you know that you're in for a battle right up to the end of the game. Nothing is ever final against a team like that until you hear the final horn.”  
 David Miller - “There's no denying Toronto is a hockey town it's why we are home to the Hockey Hall of Fame.”  
 Brendan Shanahan - “The fans spoke, ... They told us what they wanted and we tried to deliver while minding the hockey traditionalists as well.”  
 Larry Vieira - “That is the exact kind of hockey that I expect. We played extremely well in the game against Milford.”  
 Mark Mazzoleni - “They are probably the most dynamic line in the United States Hockey League. Their focus is based on the production they receive from (that line).”  
 Greg Maxey - “There are a lot of Division I hockey teams that were done a couple of weeks ago.”  
 Ken Wachter - “I think (hockey's popularity is) only going to get better when high school hockey begins being played in the market.”  
 Mark Messier - “One of the best experiences I've had in hockey.”  
 Ryan Parent - “Being one of the younger guys, I would not have expected to be in a role like this at all. It might look a little easier, but (Staal and I) are playing really simple hockey.”  
 Matt Stajan - “The last two weeks, I think I've been as hot as ever since I've been in pro hockey. It's nice to reach that total. Hopefully I can beat it in the next couple of days and, in doing so, get us some more wins and maybe sneak into that eighth spot.”  
 John Tortorella - “He's a guy we're still making assessments on. Has he played poorly No. Has he done enough things to be a bona fide National Hockey Leaguer No. So we'll see as we go along with him.”  
 Bryan McCabe - “He was pretty cool. A lot of them didn't grow up with hockey, but they might check it out now.”  
 Mark Recchi - “(Crosby's arrival) will really revitalize hockey in Pittsburgh, back to when I was fortunate enough to win back in '91. It's pretty awesome. We've got our season tickets going crazy ... it's been pretty exciting around here.”  
 Chris Spillane - “No complaints, no regrets. The better team won tonight. They are an outstanding hockey team. We have no reason to hang our heads.”  
 Nick Vitucci - “We relied on one man MacIntyre to hold us in a hockey game on Friday in the first period and we relied on him again tonight. We were 1-1 after one, but it could have been 4 or 5-1. It is frustrating because we are better than that.”  
 Kari Sliva - “The game's economic impact is quite significant. It's probably about three-quarters of what we would see for a typical Packers game during the regular season. But this is spending that would not have occurred if not for the hockey game.”  
 Michel Therrien - “It's so great just to get to the Super Bowl and so great for the city. Pittsburgh is just a great city for sports. Things on the hockey side have been tough lately, but we're rebuilding and we're cheering them on.”  
 Brian Burke - “I couldn't sell this as a stand-alone hockey deal, and I wouldn't try,”  
 Bob Stewart - “Red ice sells hockey tickets.”  
 Jeremy Roenick - “Having him stand behind the bench is a great thing for the game of hockey, and we need that coming out of the lockout. He has so much pizzazz, and he brings so much leverage to the game that it's a perfect thing for the National Hockey League to have Wayne more involved.”  
 Sidney Crosby - “It's a little frustrating, but it's hockey -- you go through skids and this happens to be a long one, but you have to look at it and see it's a long season, ... Once we get over this hump we'll be fine.”  

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