My Favorite Quotes
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 Adrianne Shapira - “Either way, holiday is off to a bumpy start.”  
 John Nelson - “Saturday, Sunday and Monday, because it's a holiday, are going to be much lighter usage days, and many of the units that went off-line earlier in the week will be back up over the weekend,”  
 Nicole Klay - “With the snow and the holiday, we couldn't have had it any better.”  
 Mariah Carey - “Traditional Songs for the Holiday”  
 Larry Freed - “The downward trend is due to consumers' increased expectations during the holiday season, a much larger influx of infrequent visitors that may not know how to navigate a site and shipping costs, and the unavailability of prominent items like the Xbox 360 due to low inventory.”  
 Peter Kalikow - “We worked out a package which rewards all of those who ride our system. It wasn't quite perfect. I'll probably admit that, but I think it was very nice and I am proud of the board for giving this holiday present to all of our customers.”  
 Carol Miller - “We could always use more, but we are getting back on schedule after the holiday.”  
 Lindy Crews - “In addition to the two vacation days she dedicates to this project each year, she is often in her workshop until midnight as the holiday draws near.”  
 Lew Frankfort - “We had a really incredible holiday.”  
 Luis Figo - “What is happening here is shameful, it's better if we all go home or go on holiday.”  
 Laura Behrens - “The broadcasters were initially slow to sign up, but now they are on board with it. Now the problem is with the consumer electronics industry. Polk and Boston Acoustics have HD receivers in the market, but they are not yet available in volume. There was precious little over the last holiday season in the retail market.”  
 Bruce Chen - “It's not a big holiday for Asians.”  
 William McKinley - “The customers have really loved this software. Many have already renewed for next year during the holiday sale, so they could get the special discount price.”  
 Aaron Neville - “Well, I like Charlie Parker, Ella, Billie Holiday.”  
 John Ing - “This is the proverbial bounce, and it's encouraging that it bounced when it did, but is this the turn This week there will likely be some backing and filling before the long holiday weekend.”  
 Abdullah Gul - “Because of the holiday, we will apply to parliament this week,”  
 Carl Yankowski - “The overall demand for Palm-brand handheld devices remains robust. From our vantage point, Palm and others in the handheld computing space are in a perfect position this holiday season.”  
 Alan Blinder - “One of the reasons for all the happy faces in retail this holiday shopping season is that gas prices are going down, down, down. Employment and income are doing well.”  
 Alan Richardson - “a long summer holiday.”  
 Ken Perkins - “Best Buy traditionally has been the primary player here and taking share very aggressively from some of the other players in the space, but Circuit City looks to have held their own here this holiday season. The discounters have tried to get into the space. Wal-Mart's been very aggressive in moving in there.”  
 Oh Suktae - “We expect the recent impressive recovery in industrial output to basically continue, based on exports and auto production data. February data are still prone to distortions from the Lunar New Year holiday.”  
 Billie Holiday - “Blueprint of a Lady”  
 Andrew Bell - “To keep the spending momentum going beyond the holiday period I think shops are going to have to discount quite heavily so I would sell the retailers into the current rally.”  
 Wendy Perrin - “You can basically get an Italian-style holiday in Croatia at about one-fifth the price.”  
 Chen Huiqin - “Some institutions may want to withdraw from the market to avoid policies uncertainties during May 1 holiday, but the downside should be limited.”  

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