My Favorite Quotes
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 Ian Campbell - “We are not a survey house we do more of a reference check. We spend many hours with a (company's) customer.”  
 William Bowman - “The only room in the house that does not have product is the bathroom. That is no lie.”  
 Justin Horowitz - “It just didn't seem like we were even going to be asked to be a part of it. So it made no sense in our minds to try and go back to a house that we had been driven out of.”  
 Manuel Miranda - “And I think there are folks in the White House ready to receive that pitch,”  
 Martin Ellis - “The weakening labor market, the continuing high level of house prices in relation to earnings and pressure on householders' finances from the recent hikes in utility and council tax bills are expected to curb demand in the coming months, therefore preventing a sustained acceleration in house price inflation.”  
 Ron Orlosky - “They're kind of a house band. They've been with us from the start.”  
 Michael Imperioli - “house progressive new plays in a setting inspired by the grand architecture and design of traditional 19th Century venues.”  
 Luisa Deason - “This appears to be a typical drop house, where loads of aliens were kept. They are held for a while, until relatives pay whatever fee was arranged at the border to ransom them. Sometimes they're held against their will when smugglers raise the amount.”  
 Kurt Opsahl - “The law is different from the final versions of the bill in the House and Senate. It was a bill addressing a lot of other things, and this part was slipped in.”  
 Yadira Gomez - “We had to get more outlets installed outside the house. We installed enough for all the lights.”  
 Heath Ledger - “But the paparazzi are quite malicious and vocal and really rude, ... And they camped outside of my house, so I started throwing eggs at them, lobbing them at rocks next to them.”  
 Benjamin Franklin - “Grace thou thy House, and let not that grace thee.”  
 Bobby Lieb - “We have a distinct difference between what happens downtown and in the outside districts. There is a huge difference between Outback Steakhouse and the Ore House.”  
 Ken Livingstone - “Anybody who enjoys being in the House of Commons probably needs psychiatric help.”  
 Judd Gregg - “We just look at the House sometimes and shake our heads.”  
 Ken Campbell - “She evacuated to Florida and we think her house is okay and I evacuated here, and we were apart for a couple of weeks.”  
 Proverb - “An ape, a priest, and a louse, are three devils in one house”  
 Joe Turnham - “We cannot win the White House without winning electoral votes in the South.”  
 Paul Miller - “He didn't want us to come to that house. This was a sophisticated marijuana operation.”  
 Bryant Markson - “It's a big game. I think it's our game to turn around (the season) if we can get this win at the house.”  
 John House - “what's the reason for this war.”  
 Michael Chertoff - “Brown testified that he pressed the White House to urge dysfunctional ... I did not have a problem dealing with state and local officials.”  
 Jeff Flake - “The White House wants (immigration reform), and many of us in the House do so as well,”  
 Paolo Bonaiuti - “Neither side reached 50 percent (in the lower house) and the margin is under 25,000 votes. Such a tiny difference necessitates a scrupulous checking of the counting and tally sheets.”  
 Capt. Froomin - “There is a broken window but we don't believe that was used as a means of entry into the house.”  

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