My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Murphy - “Right now, Purvis is hurt he sprained an ankle in the alumni game.”  
 Adrian Moss - “He was explaining to me there was a dip in the road and he just fell off the bike. I saw scrapes on his shoulders and a knot, but I didn't think too much of it. . . . He hurt himself going through the things he does every day, so I would think that would be more frustrating than anything.”  
 Will Grace - “Will, does it hurt your back....kissing your own ass like that”  
 Larry Dolan - “Rather than risk a kid getting hurt in a game that doesn't mean anything, we'll take our chances on making mistakes in that first game.”  
 John Diaz - “I know we come across looking like the bad guys, but we're looking for a safer way to get a funeral procession from Point A to Point B without getting somebody hurt or killed, ... I think everybody is motivated to see things fixed, and I do believe we're going to be able to come up with some workable protocol.”  
 Contina James - “I have no earthly idea what happened. The last three minutes of the first half hurt us. We wanted to get some momentum going into the second half. We didn't, then we don't hit a shot for 12 minutes.”  
 Chad Nightingale - “He ran hurt, but he never complained once. That's just the type of kid he his. He made no excuses.”  
 Marc Iavaroni - “It didn't hurt that he made a lot of shots. It didn't hurt that he's a great ball mover. It didn't hurt that he understands the game at both ends. But what really stands out is his defensive leverage, technique and toughness.”  
 Carla Thomas - “It didn't really hurt that badly until she tried to stop the bleeding.”  
 Randy Walker - “It doesn't hurt to have a four-year starter at quarterback,”  
 Larry Dolan - “For us, personally, we played one last year and got our back-up tailback and starting strong safety hurt, and he stayed hobbled up all season,”  
 Terry Boe - “A significant key in this game was the offensive boards. They had 12 we had 11 but those 12 that they had were huge. They had a lot of second shots from those and that really hurt us.”  
 Peja Stojakovic - “I really think if we stop their transition game, slow it down and go to our big guy (Jermaine O'Neal), we can hurt them.”  
 Chris Duffy - “They found I was leaning a certain way, and I didn't have the muscle buildup necessary to support that style of running. That was how the hamstring was hurt. It was carrying too much of the stress.”  
 Lavinia Cummings - “She is so hurt and outraged. Her whole life has been turned upside down because of this. Law school is hard enough, but local and regional newspapers and radio stations have demoralized her.”  
 Tom Curle - “It was tied at 55 apiece and they went on 23-2 run over the next 600 and we just couldn't hit a shot. (Travis) Gorham got hurt and we had a little lull and didn't really get out of it.”  
 Martin Pyykkonen - “The stocks are not cheap, so any hiccup could hurt,”  
 Claude Noel - “This is a one goal-game series I been saying that. The last game, the penalties hurt us because of that. They didn't tonight.”  
 Yuri Cunza - “He was hurt deeply and he wanted himself not to be alive anymore.”  
 Resi Stiegler - “Lindsey's Gumby, so she should be good. Gumby, that's anyone that can do the stuff she does and not get hurt.”  
 Chris Leshinski - “We had a great practice. Scoring one minute in doesn't hurt, either. It sends a message to the other team that this may be a long game.”  
 Resi Stiegler - “Lindsey's Gumby so she should be good. Gumby, that's anyone that can do the stuff she does and not get hurt.”  
 Bill Parcells - “He just kind of came in as one of those underdog kind of kids. He just hung in there. He had a little ankle hurt for a while and fought through it.”  
 Jarvis Herring - “You knew it hurt him, but you could never tell a difference. Vernell is not a guy who really gets down. He's a fighter.”  
 Anonymous - “Praise, if you don't swallow it, can't hurt you.”  

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