My Favorite Quotes
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 Anil Biswas - “Marx and Engels first discovered how the market system runs. So, it is not anti-Marxist. Rather it is direct and innovative implementation of Marxist idea of market system.”  
 Aaron Costic - “Most pieces just depict the finished product. This piece shows the beginning stages, too, and the formulation of the idea.”  
 Don Wagner - “It depends on who you talk to. Tunnels are either the greatest thing or the dumbest idea ever.”  
 Brian Bell - “We have no idea if we're going to be a band next year.”  
 Celso Amorim - “We all have a general idea of the numbers, but when we reach this point, it is important to have a precise idea of the numbers.”  
 George Guidall - “I had no idea it would be me. I'm from New Jersey.”  
 Joe Solmonese - “at the very least maybe she's sort of open to the idea of fairness.”  
 Randy Johnson - “I think it's a great idea, but I also like pre-kindergarten.”  
 Aaron Henry - “The Hail Mary portion is the wholesale reform of Medicare. The idea . . . has technical problems to be solved, and it involves concepts around which there is not a major consensus.”  
 Rasheed Wallace - “I don't have the slightest (idea), but they better come up with something.”  
 Candy Olson - “I have been very troubled by the idea of closing a school that has been so successful.”  
 Paul Olson - “We knew it was going to increase, but we had no idea it was going to double. Sellers are getting a little more anxious.”  
 Mahmoud Othman - “They don't like the idea of Iraq being described as federal, they prefer united, but I don't think they are going to get that.”  
 Mark Siegel - “ATT said it's still too soon to say how much it will charge. There's no way to know yet, ... We will offer consumers a bundle of services. The idea is to provide it all at a single price on a single bill. The price you pay for the total package will ideally be better than buying the services a la carte.”  
 Joe Franklin - “The whole idea is never to get greedy indoors.”  
 Bhagwan Rajneesh - “Drop this ego, drop this idea that you are somebody special.”  
 John Asher - “We have no idea how those tickets got out there, but we certainly have no suspicion of any kind of internal source.”  
 Jeff Zucker - “He's a terrific writer with a great track record and a great idea. And (Alaska) is an untapped arena.”  
 Nick Saban - “We have an idea of how we're going to use (Williams), but we don't have an idea of how much we're going to use him.”  
 Philip Scott - “There's an idea that Kodak is not keeping up with the digital transformation. But we've actually led in terms of innovation and patents.”  
 Michel Alaby - “The idea is to discuss our activities and talk about proposals to further expand our operations.”  
 Jeff Evans - “I was talking with Vanessa and I knew she was active in softball. She mentioned she might be interested in taking this on and after she talked about it with Kari, they came to us with the idea of a team approach.”  
 Alan Ruskin - “His comments fit with the basic idea of a pause at a 5 or perhaps 5.25 funds rate - more likely the former, but with no presumption that this will be the peak in rates.”  
 Kirk Johnson - “It was sweet, innocent and nice, I liked the idea of cartoon characters coming to life.”  
 Mark Recchi - “None of us would have any idea about something like this, no, absolutely not. I was just as surprised as everybody else was and, you know, I think it was shock throughout the whole league, really.”  

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