My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Dunn - “It gives us jurisdiction we currently do not have. Historically, the criminal cases surrounding the large-scale manufacturing of illegal documents have been brought by the U.S. attorney.”  
 Ronald Reagan - “If illegal actions were undertaken, those who did so will be brought to justice.”  
 Bud Selig - “They were obviously illegal. It should be a subject of this investigation.”  
 Lou Lamoriello - “From what I'm told, there was a problem. There were some sticks being changed and switched to illegal ones. And you could not check like you could during a game, Too many players were using illegal sticks. Why should anyone be allowed to use illegal equipment”  
 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - “They confront us and deal with us in a very harsh and illegal language, but ultimately they need us more than we need them.”  
 Maria Caccaviello - “We were victims of an illegal dumping.”  
 Mark Durkan - “We want to see a credible report telling us there is no current or ongoing illegal activity from the IRA.”  
 Mark Hyman - “Is it (illegal) because there are some elements of this that may reflect poorly on John Kerry”  
 Craig Benedetto - “There's no corruption proven in that story to justify a letter to Carol Lam or anybody else for that matter. We continue to dispute (the critics') ... allegations. The facts are on our side. There was nothing illegal or unethical done in the advocacy of this project, and this is simply sour grapes on their part.”  
 Tamar Jacoby - “How do you solve the problem of illegal immigration without addressing the 11 million already here”  
 Joe Lieberman - “We ran aground on the question of Jim Sensenbrenner wanting to prevent states from issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens, ... There was just about unanimous rejection of that. When the president called Jim Sensenbrenner, it was my impression that he was going to ask him to hold that until next year. But Jim Sensenbrenner came back with more proposals.”  
 Achim Steiner - “The only ones to profit from illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing are the owners of the fishing fleets who remain hidden behind veils of corporate secrecy.”  
 Aaron Fetrow - “We suspect that the fires (in the Meadows) were caused by firecrackers. Fireworks are illegal on campus for this very reason. We certainly don't want to torch the Meadows.”  
 Steve Sullivan - “I knew it was an illegal stick, we had discussed it before the game.”  
 Rep. Hutchins - “This is not a racial issue and should not be presented as such. The principle is legal versus illegal status.”  
 Maurice Carroll - “You're not going to get a big plus for being friendly toward illegal immigrants or a big minus for being unfriendly.”  
 Camillo Bica - “Where the struggle to end Dont Ask, Dont Tell misses the mark is that NO ONE has a right to slaughter and be slaughtered in illegal, immoral war. There is no equal right to murder”  
 Alan Hevesi - “Officials entered into arrangements they should have known were illegal, ... These were awful deals.”  
 John Henry - “If somebody on any team is using illegal substances we want to know about it and it should be dealt with.”  
 Jack Ford - “They are not here illegally until ICE says they're illegal.”  
 Ryan Newman - “You know, it's just disappointing. I think a lot of Jimmie Johnson, his talent and stuff, but I'm pretty sure at least three out of his last four, if not three out of his last three, wins have had conflictions with the cars being illegal.”  
 Robert Townsend - “Flooded vehicles are sometimes cleaned up by unscrupulous sellers without disclosure of flood damage. In most states, this is illegal, but unfortunately some vehicles will slip through the system.”  
 Chris Wunrow - “If the snowmobile goes through the ice, there are certain DNR regulations that cover that, but no, skipping is not illegal. It's not a safe practice and it's not something to be encouraged.”  
 Dan Hart - “It is illegal for them to sell an item that they know can be used to ingest or inhale an illegal substance.”  
 Alberto Monserrate - “We are all here against illegal immigration. What we're for is legal immigration.”  

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