My Favorite Quotes
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 Louis Camilleri - “We believe industry dynamics should improve in 2003, ... more effective measures to stop the flow of illegally sold cigarettes.”  
 Bobby Sandquist - “We just need to improve in every area.”  
 Zeus Kerravala - “There's not a person out there who doesn't think about ways to improve the performance of the application. The technology approach is less important than the application specificity. It's important to say you improve Oracle or SAP 'this way' versus just generically solving all application problems.”  
 Darren Sharper - “That's something we have to improve on. We've got to tighten our coverage up. But we also have to improve at getting to the quarterback.”  
 Quentin Moses - “I didn't know who David Pollack was when I got here, but it didn't take long to learn that he was somebody I could look up to, somebody who could push me and help myself improve in every aspect. A lot of players would be afraid to admitthat they look up to one of their teammates like that. But I've spent three years with him, and I'm just very impressed with the type of person he is.”  
 Ralph Weyler - “This means that we will have to improve each year.”  
 Jennifer Jackson - “By working closely with these kids it makes you think as a teacher about things you can do to improve in those areas with all your kids.”  
 Dan Hilton - “It was a little high for a team score, but I am pretty sure we can improve upon that and get better down the road.”  
 Frank Robinson - “He's getting better, continuing to improve. He's still not quite there yet. Location is still a little off. But I'm pleased with where he is.”  
 Skip Prosser - “We need to improve in all areas, but we are anxious to retain Wake's position in both the ACC and on the national stage,”  
 Wally Buono - “We have to improve in all areas, we can't stay status quo,”  
 Jenson Button - “We had a positive weekend in Turkey and I'm sure we can improve our pace and have a competitive weekend in Monza.”  
 Paul Menard - “For me, I'm sure I gained some respect racing with those guys. Especially as competitively as we did. We are looking forward to a few more races like that this year. It is hard to improve on that. You got six more spots to go and you can win one of those things. That's tough to do.”  
 Skip Prosser - “We need to improve in all areas, but we are anxious to retain Wake's position in both the ACC and on the national stage.”  
 Chris Perry - “I don't think I've had that much success. If I had nine catches for like 180 yards and two touchdowns, yeah. But you can always improve, and that's what I'm trying to do.”  
 Li Ke - “Mainland companies increased investment to expand capacity and improve technologies to catch up with overseas players.”  
 Josh Howard - “We need to improve. We need to get better.”  
 Chris Roche - “We now know there's a team out there that is better than us. And between now and the end of the year, we have to improve. There's a target out there for us.”  
 Charlie Palmer - “Asked if he felt compelled to improve the corndog, Palmer answered in the affirmative. Well yeah, ... they were made with hotdogs.”  
 Robin Ersland - “We are wrestling well right now. There are still things we need to improve on though. I think we need to get a little bit stronger.”  
 Rick Keller - “It's not as much as we'd like to pay. We'd like to improve that.”  
 Dallas Baker - “My main focus right now is to improve going into next year.”  
 Joel Jund - “We want to improve. That's the big thing.”  
 Ron Wilson - “That shot he took was a cannon. It was on his stick and into the net, unbelievable. Matt Carle continues to improve, to be the type of player that raises a lot of eyebrows.”  
 Matt Davis - “We are trying to improve on our 4-6 record. The kids worked hard this offseason, and this is the most seniors we've had since I've been coaching.”  

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