My Favorite Quotes
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 Nicolas Davila - “The genuine coherence of our ideas does not come from the reasoning that ties them together, but from the spiritual impulse that gives rise to them.”  
 Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - “Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful”  
 David Gale - “Instant tickets are impulse purchase items. They don't go on a shopping list.”  
 Charles Flowers - “The impulse to form independent authorities is profoundly undemocratic.”  
 Sean Bersell - “It's an impulse buy you see it in the bin and you grab it.”  
 Lord Byron - “I am the very slave of circumstance And impulse - borne away with every breath”  
 Tom Stoffel - “The impulse purchase is gone. Now we have to be a destination.”  
 William Stafford - “I keep following this sort of hidden river of my life, you know, whatever the topic or impulse which comes, I follow it along trustingly. And I don't have any sense of its coming to a kind of crescendo, or of its petering out either. It is just going steadily along.”  
 Charles Saunders - “If it is their highest impulse to be intellectual slaves, then slaves they ought to remain.”  
 Kristin Kreuk - “If I like it, Ill buy it pure impulse shopping.”  
 Kristina Ford - “How do we rebuild a city that is so complicated, and interestingly so ... There will be an impulse to do this completely rationally, then we'll end up with something that has none of New Orleans' quality. One of the charms of New Orleans was the irrationality.”  
 Steve Tuttle - “It's like a lightbulb. Once it stops (sending the electrical impulse), it's off, ... There are no lingering effects, none. It's a very clean tool, very safe.”  
 Roger Entner - “The cool thing about the ticker is that it makes impulse information access a reality. Here the Web comes to you and that's why it will drive usage.”  
 William James - “Impulse without reason is not enough, and reason without impulse is a poor makeshift.”  
 Ron Carey - “Unfortunately for Doran, Minnesotans aren't interested in giving away the governor's office to an impulse buyer.”  
 Ron Carey - “Kelly Doran, who failed in his bid for U.S. Senate, is now taking his lavish political shopping spree to the governor's race, ... Unfortunately for Doran, Minnesotans aren't interested in giving away the governor's office to an impulse buyer.”  
 Roy Weitz - “If it wasn't an impulse purchase and it wasn't the result of high-pressure sales tactics, I feel you should allow at least 12 months of poor performance before the fund even hits your radar screen.”  
 Igor Ivanov - “We are sure the upshot of her visit will be not only a narrowing of our positions on many international problems but also a new impulse to the development of our relations, ... Both sides are trying for exactly that.”  
 Jack Sim - “After shopping for one or two hours, customers want to visit the toilet and if toilet not good, they leave the building. And they leave with their impulse buying. Impulse buying accounts for 95 of purchases,”  
 Christopher Ricks - “I think the wish to disassociate from the cult of self is a good human impulse,”  
 Paul Farmer - “It is one of our more stable cities in terms of a population that has stayed, ... It's not a city where people leave in large percentages or arrive in large percentages, except as tourists. So I think you're going to see a very strong impulse among the people there to rebuild.”  
 John Arlott - “Fred Trueman the man has often been tactless, haphazard, crude, a creature of impulse.”  
 Lani Hayward - “We want to create a place where people want to be -- where impulse buying even occurs.”  
 William Taft - “I feel certain that he would not recognize a generous impulse if he met it on the street.”  
 Henry Mencken - “If I ever marry, it will be on a sudden impulse, as a man shoots himself”  

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