My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Mobius - “I have just come back from Dubai and there is a lot of interest in India.”  
 Kevin Rollins - “We have a 3-4 percent market share in India.”  
 Craig Johnson - “Clearly this meeting signals a bona fide interest on Wal-Mart's part in the Indian market. India is a huge market and its fast-growing consumer sector is a precise fit for Wal-Mart's overall strategy.”  
 Haruhiko Kuroda - “As of now, the annual financial aid to India is in the range of one to 1.5 billion dollars a year. ADB will increase this to two to 2.25 billion dollars.”  
 Thomas Pickering - “India is in great shape. It represents one of the most important long- term markets for Boeing.”  
 Azim Premji - “We must overhaul our land laws, taxes and information system. Some 90 per cent of land in India is subject to legal disputes over ownership.”  
 Swami Vivekananda - “Let new India arise out of peasants cottage, grasping the plough, out of huts, cobbler and sweeper.”  
 Marcus Trescothick - “I had to leave India because I picked up a bug and it hit me hard. I could not shrug it off and it left me fatigued.”  
 Robert Anderson - “India is a booming market and it is logical to set up operations close to the boom.”  
 Abdul Aziz - “I feel like India and Pakistan have played a joke on us.”  
 Abdul Rashid - “If India gives us aid we would welcome it.”  
 Abdul Sattar - “prominent personalities in India.”  
 George Fernandes - “An Iraq is sought to be created in Iran, and India, unfortunately, is becoming a party to it.”  
 Abheek Barua - “Investors are looking at India carefully and avian flu is a risk.”  
 Sharad Pawar - “We all want to resolve issues and organize a successful Champions Trophy in India this year, but some venues have contractual obligations.”  
 Tony Blair - “We are ready to discuss issues with Pakistan -- all issues, including Jammu and Kashmir, ... India stands for dialogue. We believe in an exchange of views. We believe in negotiations to solve problems.”  
 Ajay Dua - “We do not want anyone selling our own knowledge to us. Also, we would like anyone using our traditional knowledge to acknowledge that it is from India.”  
 Ajay Gupta - “We are looking at the many, varied needs of a vast society in India. We want to take into account not only the appropriate technologies, but the economic, cultural and social factors that determine value for our customers.”  
 Albert Brooks - “I was allowed to film in the biggest mosque in India and when I told the imam the plot of the movie he started to laugh,”  
 Bill Wertz - “We are interested in importing more from India. Opening stores there is more complicated, primarily because of the regulation issues. Down the road we may be interested in building stores there. The most encouraging factor for us is the size of the market.”  
 Andrew Flintoff - “I don't expect that to happen again. There are so many plus points to talk about India and its very knowledgeable cricket fans.”  
 Andrew Flintoff - “We competed with India. We were there in the game and it took a special innings to beat us.”  
 Andrew Flintoff - “With nobody over 30 in the last Test, it is a young side but a very talented one. A lot of great things came out of that match and we outplayed India for the bulk of it. But the one thing we can't do now is get complacent just because we competed. As long as that doesn't happen and we stick to the basics I think we'll be fine.”  
 Andrew Holland - “With several swift acquisitions in a short span it will have to start to deliver results, which means using the India advantage on technical capability to show value.”  
 Andrew Holland - “India has moved from being a small car to a Ferrari.”  

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