My Favorite Quotes
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 Donald Selkin - “It's a special situation. Individual stocks that are heavily weighted are doing well.”  
 Matt Drudge - “I continue to be the only individual on the Net making a name for himself.”  
 Capt. Spirlet - “Our main focus right now is to get the individual who did this. That is what we're focusing on. We just want to get that individual. We feel he is a threat, a definite threat, out there.”  
 Kenenisa Bekele - “With no individual global championships to aim at in 2006, my focus is the Golden League this summer, and I am looking forward to challenging for the US1 million prize.”  
 Greg Heiar - “Gulf Coast played tremendous. They got some great individual performances from Ray Bailey and Robert Mitchell. We were just lucky that we made our free throws.”  
 Brian Lara - “We had some great individual performances but one of the things we learnt from the English is how to put a game together. They played as a team for the whole five days all series,”  
 Khaya Ngqula - “She is a talented individual and we wish her well in her new ventures.”  
 Paul Moreno - “There were hundreds of individual outages.”  
 Mark Mann - “Paul is the kind of guy he's always been a hard working individual and had that reputation since we got him. Paul is such a big part of our team and our pitching staff, you couldn't say anything but yes. The kind of character guy he is and what he means to our team, it's a no-brainer. This was something that had to be done.”  
 Arron Afflalo - “Right now, we're on a mission. There's nothing individual about myself or Jordan or anyone else on this team.”  
 Michael Moran - “Without question, the rate changes by the Federal Reserve will have influences on peoples lives. Borrowing rates are going to go up for things like car loans and mortgages. All of these things will influence the individual.”  
 Marty Natalegawa - “The remission to Abu Bakar Bashir is not a reflection on the individual per se rather than the application of the remission program, which is applied in general.”  
 Penelope Leach - “not for the individual child.”  
 Larry Jackson - “Most of them have an individual drive, knowing they have to come in at a state level.”  
 Nick Bell - “Big advertisers are looking more for stature and less for ubiquity. It is individual, well-planned and targeted campaigns that will be hitting our streets.”  
 Henry Brooks Adams - “Absolute liberty is absence of restraint responsibility is restraint therefore, the ideally free individual is responsible to himself”  
 Peter O'Kelly - “The market is changing so that it's not so much about an individual slice of the product stack at this point. It's more about customers saying, 'We want you to be our end-to-end supplier, not just somebody who is solving one part of the problem for us'.”  
 Norm Stamper - “None of our officers has encountered this individual, or even seen him,”  
 Leroy Foster - “Like everyone's been saying, it was a wake-up call. They're playing more as a team now, and you can see it in practice, where before individual egos were getting in the way.”  
 Marcus Tullius Cicero - “One who sees the Supersoul accompanying the individual soul in all bodies and who understands that neither the soul nor the Supersoul is ever destroyed, actually sees.”  
 Urs Schoenenberger - “When you see the kind of substitutes they can bring on, it's a different ball game. Every individual is a top European player.”  
 Confucius - “Seek not every quality in one individual”  
 John Wooden - “It has to be a team concept. It isn't an individual game.”  
 Brooke Queenan - “We just came into practice and looked back on what we were doing well before the losing streak and what we were doing bad. We just addressed the problem. Everyone came back. We started talking about individual responsibility.”  
 Rusty Hills - “Attorney General Cox supports modernizing the item pricing law by using available technology. As long as consumers know the price of each individual item.”  

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