My Favorite Quotes
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 Geoff Sundstrom - “This in many ways is the worst-case scenario that the oil industry has been fearing. Production, distribution, and refining has slowed to a crawl through the whole area and that will mean higher gasoline prices throughout the entire United States.”  
 Dave Brown - “A less-than-two-hour turnaround is pretty remarkable. The staff was on their game. We have one of the best crews in the industry.”  
 Geoff Sheerin - “The Silver Dart is the DC-3 of the space industry. It has so many things going for it in terms of performance.”  
 George Koo - “There's a lot of consolidation going on in the banking industry, and there are many different electronic investing platforms out there. This deal provides banks with a uniform standard.”  
 Carolyn Gorman - “Insurers are working as hard as they can to get these claims settled as quickly as they can and as fairly as they can. When all is said and done, it will be shown that the industry is not engaging in anything fraudulent in the resolution of these claims.”  
 Billy Baldwin - “Industry that is looking to move to the county wants zoning,”  
 Martin Sullivan - “We cannot ignore the issues that we have and that the industry has to address. Our success will be measured in a large part on how well we address these issues,”  
 Atul Lele - “It's a very appropriate price for Patrick. Toll is going to become a very powerful player in the industry.”  
 Mark Hamilton - “Technology is enabling the restaurant industry to use the accountant very similarly to other industries.”  
 Dennis Galbraith - “While it's true that some sites are significantly more useful than others, the industry has improved to a point where there are no bad manufacturer sites. This study again confirms that the more useful a site is, the more traffic it is likely to drive to dealerships. The automotive industry is providing better online shopping experiences to more shoppers than ever before, making manufacturer sites an increasingly important stop when researching a new vehicle to purchase.”  
 Lisa Richardson - “The exciting thing is South Dakotans own most of this industry.”  
 Rick Homans - “This is the beginning of a whole new industry.”  
 Kathleen Murphy - “Small banks' assets are growing in record numbers, ... They are picking up customers as a result of the (industry) consolidation because they provide a personal service.”  
 Michael Cuggino - “It's an industry that's ripe for consolidation.”  
 Joe Galante - “We realized we'd be down as an industry this year. We didn't have the same caliber of releases and in the same quantity.”  
 Ken Kam - “It will become the Intel of this industry.”  
 John Key - “It would be a dark day for New Zealand if Fletcher Building relocated. We have to look at the savings industry and see if it's working properly. We have to look around the corporate tax rate.”  
 Michael Fitzgerald - “None of these are particular mandates in terms of what the industry has to do, but the stars do sort of align for the use of ethanol.”  
 Cary Cooper - “It's hypocritical. The industry saw the warning signs. Others saw the warning signs. Something should have been done sooner.”  
 Cathy Keefe - “Its a phenomenon, and it has really taken hold in the industry, ... It really brings people into some of the smaller areas, the rural areas that are not like first-tier destinations.”  
 Rick Mueller - “The Houston area is ground zero of the refining industry. If it suffers the scope of damage caused to refineries in Louisiana by Katrina, we could see rationing and queues at the gas pump.”  
 Marc Falcone - “We believe the state of Mississippi's dependence on the gaming industry will be an important factor in passage of legislation that is more protective of these two valuable sources of economic vitality.”  
 Marc Violette - “UPS is such a large (shipping) player that it made sense to us, if we're trying to bring the shipping industry in line with state and federal laws, if you have UPS on your side, you are closer to achieving that goal.”  
 Jeffrey Citron - “It's hard to advance (in broadband penetration) when there are only two players (the Bells with DSL and the cable industry with cable modem service). We need a third option.”  
 Charles Buchwalter - “This continuing increase in broadband use is an essential step in a maturing Internet industry.”  

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