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 Steven Ricchiuto - “There is more uncertainty because the Fed keeps saying they're concerned about inflation.”  
 Brian Brennan - “Today's numbers threw some (inflation) fears. We could see some nervousness on the mortgage side.”  
 John Canavan - “Is the dollar importing inflation pressures I think it remains to be seen.”  
 Paul Mendelsohn - “For individuals, inflation has been an issue for a while, but for the market, it really wasn't. Over the last few days, the psychology changed.”  
 Larry Meyer - “While Greenspan has very well defined views on inflation targeting and asset price targeting, he took a step back and left them as issues on the table for the next chairman.”  
 Carlos Sanchez - “The market was rather quiet. Like elsewhere in the region, adjustments were due to the rise in inflation in the United States.”  
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “Inflation concerns are going to push up bond yields. Ten-year yields will rise to 2 percent in the first quarter.”  
 Lawrence Lindsey - “Because of what's happening in Asia, we are unlikely to see an acceleration of inflation,”  
 Alan Greenspan - “We ought to be more concerned with the emergence of inflation than with temporary economic weakness.”  
 Lacy Hunt - “The Fed's raising rates is highly doubtful, ... The road to recovery will be very difficult and very uncertain. Inflation will continue working its way lower.”  
 Joel Naroff - “The rate increases will start off slowly, but if inflation keeps accelerating, all bets are off afterward.”  
 Frank Nothaft - “Lower oil prices at least compared to the last several months have helped to alleviate some of the inflation fears that the market has been experiencing lately.”  
 Sylvia Warner - “Inflation is the senility of democracies”  
 Bryan Piskorowski - “We're definitely at a hard point here, with inflation and interest rates kind of looming over everything.”  
 Milton Friedman - “Inflation is taxation without legislation”  
 Bruce Alston - “We're seeing a tickling of inflation in the pipeline but it's not going to be passed on to the consumer.”  
 Bruce Alston - “You've got inflation concerns and you've Greenspan, who is probably going to be hawkish.”  
 Brian Cowen - “Our efforts to reduce inflation are working inflation here has now converged to euro area norms. This inflation figure is well down from inflation rates of between 4 percent and 6 percent recorded between 2000 and 2002.”  
 Cathy Andreen - “Every year tuition is reviewed and if tuition goes up, it is usually due to rising costs and general raises due to inflation.”  
 Alan Greenspan - “More uncertainty, however, surrounds the outlook for inflation,”  
 Warwick McKibbin - “The biggest issues are basically the asset price inflation in the U.S., particularly housing prices.”  
 Kiyohiko Nishimura - “When making decisions on economic and price conditions, we will focus on the CPI as the 'inflation rate', while closely analyzing output and import prices.”  
 Gail Dudack - “Price-to-earnings multiples on U.S. equities contracted last year because corporate profits grew faster than expected while the market was locked down by inflation fears. Those fears should abate as the Fed eases off, and we should see valuations expand.”  
 Adauto Lima - “The inflation scenario is positive all around, and I don't see any signs of it worsening in the near term. I'm already betting on a small rate cut in September, probably by 0.25 (percentage points), and more after that.”  
 Hiroshi Arano - “Worldwide, inflation is going to be the big story next year. For Japan, that's going to be a big positive.”  

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