My Favorite Quotes
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 Adrian Lund - “We're not getting much new information from the tests, and have been looking for a way to do more side crashes, so we have side-crash data for all the vehicles we have frontal results for.”  
 Joe Becker - “We are building an IT (information technology) infrastructure to be able to support 2 million families that have need of financial assistance and we will have that in place by July 1.”  
 Luisa Deason - “We have questioned three individuals who have provided us with lots of information.”  
 Colin Powell - “I found the information he gave me useful and he was always respectful of the guidance I gave him with respect to his actions.”  
 Kevin Oh - “What's unique about this study is because we have such detailed information on the population, we could say on any given date who was available to any given female and how that affected how she chose.”  
 Mark Birkhauser - “Particularly identify the game that you are shooting and particularly identify your surroundings, that it's safe to shoot. Every second, you're adjusting your personal information that it is a safe area to shoot or it's not a safe area to shoot.”  
 Mark Pervan - “The market is still very cautious about the damage caused by Hurricane Rita, and they're just digesting new information filtering in about damage to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.”  
 Maya Tolstoy - “It's a very sensitive issue obviously because you are monitoring the globe and you can hear relatively small sounds, and so countries are very sensitive about having that information openly released.”  
 Rep. Gallegos - “We need to get all this information on the table.”  
 Nick Saban - “We don't have to have a reason to bring anybody in. Sometimes, you have to gather information (in case) we need to.”  
 Mark Schlosberg - “We want to know what the parameters (of this program) are, what the scope of it is, what are they doing with the information, who are they sharing it with.”  
 Charles Duelfer - “Some uncertainties remain and some information will continue to emerge about the WMD programs of the former Regime. Reports cited in the Comprehensive Report concerning the possible movement of WMD or WMD materials from Iraq prior to the war remain unresolved.”  
 Graeme Smith - “This is a very valuable statue and we are working closely with the Henry Moore Foundation to ensure its safe return. The foundation is offering a substantial reward for information leading to its recovery.”  
 Paul Nieto - “I think this was the last bit of information that we needed.”  
 Marc Rotenberg - “Because Amazon announced that it could no longer guarantee that it would not disclose customer information to third parties, and in the absence of legal or technical means to assure privacy for Amazon customers, we have decided that we can no longer continue our relationship with Amazon.”  
 Carl Levin - “This newly declassified information provides additional, dramatic evidence that the administrations prewar statements were deceptive, ... More than a year before Secretary Powell included that charge in his presentation to the United Nations, the DIA had said it believed the detainee's claims were bogus.”  
 Charles Schumer - “We want to see how much information is forthcoming between now and the 7th.”  
 Marci Raible - “We're in the process of building IT systems to integrate the product information for multiple service components into this package. As soon as those are built, the rolling of all elements into one kit begins.”  
 Charles Schumer - “The U.S. has also received general information regarding possible suicide bombings like those seen in Israel and persistent reports of attacks on airports.”  
 Michael Hogan - “My impression is that these are constructive observations, not bow shots. I think they are simply trying to convey information.”  
 Paul McNulty - “We all know that Washington is a town in which the flow of important information is virtually nonstop,”  
 Norman Siegel - “The city fought tooth and nail, and one can only conclude that they didn't want this information going public.”  
 James Bland - “We're working to map out the graves and get information about the cemetery online.”  
 Paul Mendelsohn - “There's a lot of information coming out next week, a lot on the economic side.”  
 Mark Quigley - “He's kind of far away, so it's nice to know this information.”  

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