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 Brian Boucher - “This is my first groin injury so I don't know how it's going to respond (to treatment). I'm very disappointed that I'm injured, but it is what it is. You have to move on.”  
 Marcus Aurelius - “The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury”  
 Mark Gottfried - “We've shortened our practices. We don't really do anything to prevent injury, except doing minimal contact drills, but other than that we're just trying to be smart about how we go about practice.”  
 Chester Pitts - “You have to do what you have to do, ... They aren't going to cancel the game just because of an injury.”  
 Jeb Armstrong - “This just sort of adds insult to injury, in many respects, ... They're trying to get Pascagoula up and running, and then this gets whacked.”  
 Jason Robinson - “Martin Corry has made a full recovery from his recent elbow injury and I believe he could have a huge impact on our game,”  
 Andrew Friedman - “They diagnosed it as an acute injury, something that happened on that pitch.”  
 Alex Ferguson - “Roy's back in light training but his injury is hard to assess. He's on the way back, maybe two or three weeks I think,”  
 Jason Anderson - “After my injury, it could have gone either way,”  
 Roger Staubach - “Fishman was twisting Skip's leg under the pile. That's what caused the injury.”  
 Steve Holland - “He's very tough. He wrestled all year with (a foot injury), and he didn't want anybody to know about it. It was painful, but he dealt with it.”  
 John Robinson - “Two mobile homes were demolished on (U.S.) Highway 70, ... and there was one injury in one of those mobile homes.”  
 Mary McGowan - “The school division will not prohibit students from expressing their political beliefs by wearing clothing such as the T-shirts in question, so long as they are not worn ... under circumstances where disruption to schools and injury to students is reasonably foreseeable.”  
 Donovan McNabb - “I'm disappointed that the injury has reached this stage and has ultimately ended my season, ... I wanted so much to help this team turn it around and was unable to do that.”  
 Kevin Rand - “It's a very rare condition. It's a serious injury, and it's being treated as a serious injury, and we're waiting for further testing.”  
 Doug Bruno - “This is what we brought Rachael here to do. A shoulder injury got her season started late.”  
 David Moyes - “David has picked up a bit of an ankle injury that we need to assess.”  
 Marvin Lewis - “This is a serious injury, but we are told the procedure went very well. We know Carson and we know he will apply himself fully to his rehabilitation. This result encourages our feeling that Carson will be ready to open the 2006 season as our starting quarterback.”  
 Larry Goodnature - “Because of our injury at 215, we knew it would be tough with three weights to go. There were lots of tough matches. Apple Valley was just tougher than us.”  
 Sasha Cohen - “I think it's always tough coming back from an injury, physically and mentally. But Michelle has proven herself in different situations and she's a tough competitor.”  
 Buck Showalter - “Kevin had a great spring. He started off slow, having a nagging injury, but he is starting to swing the bat well. He is seeing the ball well and centers the ball so well. Kevin is so strong that the ball has a lot of carry. He can just power the ball out of here.”  
 Dave Mason - “Our players were given a week off after Japan. Apart from Andrew Packer who has a back injury, they are all fit.”  
 Brian Billick - “He's been told that there's a possibility of surgery since the injury happened. There was always that possibility. I don't know if it's any more viable now than it was before.”  
 Les Miles - “But it's not a very serious injury. With rehab, he should be ready for spring.”  
 Brian Boucher - “This is my first groin injury, so I don't know how it's going to respond (to treatment),”  

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