My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeffrey Loria - “Joe was known as an intelligent player with great leadership skills. And he will bring those traits to his new position.”  
 Richard Carroll - “Gorillas are very intelligent, but they don't have to be as delicate as chimps they can just smash open the termite nest,”  
 Richard Jefferson - “Mike is such a great player, such a clutch player. I joke with him, because he doesn't jump very high and he's not very fast, yet he's still one of the most effective guys in the NBA because he's so intelligent. He knows the game, and he knows what it takes to get it done.”  
 Larry Foote - “They might not think that this guy is very intelligent.”  
 Marty Feldman - “I won't eat anything that has intelligent life, but I'd gladly eat a network executive or a politician”  
 Simone Weil - “The intelligent man who is proud of his intelligence is like the condemned man who is proud of his large cell”  
 Doug Marrs - “He's took his snaps all year, but he hadn't taken as many in the last couple weeks. He took a lot (Tuesday) and he'll take a lot (Wednesday). Matt is a very intelligent kid and he won't do anything to get you beat. He's a winner.”  
 Jeff Richards - “To achieve an intelligent and secure supply chain, our customers must be able to receive electronic pedigrees from their suppliers and transmit pedigrees to their customers.”  
 Lou Palkovics - “After the coin toss, third was the best we could expect. I'm happy with that. (But) these coin tosses are ridiculous. You don't need a tie-breaker. You send intelligent coaches in there, and they should decide who the best team is.”  
 Nathan Carroll - “One guy was ordered to stay in there and not come out. Being intelligent, he did exactly what they told him to.”  
 Aldo Leopold - “To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering”  
 Alan Leshner - “Intelligent design is simply the most recent version of creationism, which is admittedly a religious concept. There is no scientific basis to intelligent design.”  
 Michael Clough - “Creationism is clearly not science. Science cannot deal with the supernatural. Intelligent Design is a crafty way to avoid the issue of a supernatural being, making it appear like science, but it isn't.”  
 Mark Turgeon - “Paul is very intelligent. He's very skilled, has great hands and can do a turnaround jumper from 6 feet to 18 feet on the block.”  
 Zeus Kerravala - “We characterize this trend as the 'growing operational gap' between the level of IT staffing and the requirements their companies are placing on their infrastructure, particularly their networks. A solution for bridging this operational gap is for networking vendors to develop more intelligent products and features that will help boost an IT manager's operational efficiency.”  
 George Zimmer - “When you're sitting at a table with her, she's very charismatic, much like Bill Clinton. She's empathetic, passionate and intelligent.”  
 Alexander Milinkevich - “We have never wanted a revolution, but many will go out in the streets in Belarus if the authorities are not intelligent enough.”  
 Charles Spencer - “As Catherine, this luminously beautiful actress is intelligent, bewitching, troubled, and often deeply touching.”  
 Michael Behe - “The National Academy of Sciences treats intelligent design in a way what I consider utterly misleading. Talk about scholarly malfeasance”  
 Jerry Narron - “He didn't ask errant questions. He asked intelligent questions.”  
 Andy Ross - “Damon's a very intelligent character, ... I certainly wouldn't bet against him having planned it all along.”  
 Stew Morrill - “He was a smart, solid player when we got him. He's one of the most intelligent players I've coached.”  
 Gary Grant - “I would like to think that Congressman Leach's longevity is attributed to his thoughtful, intelligent representation of his constituents.”  
 John Robertson - “It is not an intelligent move to adjust exchange rates according to volumes traded while there is a serious scarcity of foreign currency on the official market.”  
 Barry Trotz - “But he thinks the game so well, and you don't have to skate as well if you're a real intelligent player. And we found out he was a real intelligent player, and he's been quite productive to this point. He's probably exceeded any expectations that we have.”  

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