My Favorite Quotes
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 Maya Elhalal - “True, long term interest in a subject, is the best form of market research.”  
 John Manley - “We're hoping the reward money will generate some interest in the community someone who knows where he is, where he's hiding,”  
 Joseph Atick - “Interest in this technology abroad was much higher for airport security because there weren't as many issues related to privacy as in the U.S..”  
 Adrian Foster - “Australia's interest-rate margin will be maintained. The risk-reward for the Australian dollar is the upside.”  
 Bobby Lieb - “They had more interest in the plane than the flight. It came as a big surprise. That move was illogical on all levels.”  
 Charles Dunn - “Nov. 1 will possibly become the deadline for applications because of the level of interest I currently have received,”  
 Joe Wilcox - “There is a lot of developer and consumer interest around these applications.”  
 Charles Duelfer - “He is of course of great interest because if one person knows the real story it's him,”  
 Martin Brodeur - “It was tough to get up for teams from the West. This will put a lot of interest back in the game.”  
 Brigalia Bam - “It is encouraging to note the overwhelming interest by South Africans in voting even after six successive elections.”  
 Noriaki Ichikawa - “So unless we get a strong indication that interest rates in the US will stop rising and that interest rates in Japan will soon start increasing, the dollaryen is likely to remain in a tight range.”  
 Mary Farrell - “With earnings slowing and interest rates coming down more slowly, the market is likely to appreciate more slowly.”  
 Yasser Hassanein - “The market dropped to levels that were pretty attractive to buy at. There is interest across the board ... The volumes were pretty high.”  
 Michael Gallagher - “As a result of anticipated increased interest expense, Playtex expects an adjustment to 2000 diluted earnings per share of 2 to 3 cents from current analyst estimates,”  
 Joe Battipaglia - “When the U.S. Treasury steps forward and the IMF steps forward to replace the flight of capital, there will be no need for the Brazilians to raise interest rates.”  
 Benjamin Franklin - “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”  
 Jane Blalock - “We just pushed everything back a year. Who knows If we had some great interest we might just bypass the pro-am (in 2007) and go right to the tournament.”  
 Laura Weiss - “No one on this board or anyone connected with them, or their families, has any financial interest in this transaction.”  
 Noriaki Ichikawa - “Due to fresh concerns over interest rate hikes, Japanese institutional investors, who normally start buying the dollar from around the beginning of the new fiscal year are not so active right now.”  
 Khuram Chaudhry - “The markets are still very defensive in tone. Airlines are still being hit quite sharply. But we saw some renewed interest in some of the telecommunication names,”  
 Larry Twombly - “Interest has been plentiful, and we are anticipating much success with this product.”  
 Mark Twain - “No public interest is anything other or nobler than a massed accumulation of private interests.”  
 Robert Barry - “Caution is warranted given uncertainty about the consumer, rising interest rates, raw-material costs and pricing pressure.”  
 Jennifer Chrisler - “What this really is in the best interest of is the very small and vocal political group that is trying to seize power.”  
 Joerg Kraemer - “European production could pick up in the first quarter, with Germany doing better than its neighbors. Interest rates are still low, and higher rates won't put on the brakes.”  

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