My Favorite Quotes
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 Tommy Tuberville - “I always judge our recruiting by linemen. I think this has been an exceptional year.”  
 Kurt Ebenhoch - “We do not believe that unions have the right to strike if the judge imposes terms.”  
 Randy Reid - “It came in after the deadline. It was requested by the supervisor of elections, ... We typically don't try to judge or prejudge what a constitutional officer recommends. It was reviewed by staff and put on at her request because of the deadline.”  
 George Clooney - “No. No, the judge sits first, then we sit.”  
 Martin Selmayr - “That will allow everybody to judge whether prices have come down or not.”  
 Paul Brooks - “I don't think that a judge in one state is going to be able to tell everybody in all other states what to do. So I don't get too excited about what he said.”  
 Brian McEldowney - “He wasn't feeling up to being in front of a judge. He didn't want to be shackled . . . but it was necessary for him to hear the court's ruling.”  
 Jean Jacques Rousseau - “Do not judge, and you will never be mistaken”  
 Wendy Long - “You don't have to be a clone of Judge Roberts.”  
 Orrin Hatch - “I want to set things straight, ... I know Judge Pickering. I've had extensive conversations with him. He is truly a righteous and decent man.”  
 Joe Biden - “Oh, Judge, Judge, Judge...”  
 Barry Long - “The judge cannot be the judged, and even to accept is to judge.”  
 John LaChance - “Even if the judge had allowed the case to go to the jury, I didn't feel they proved their case, and I was going to rest.”  
 Samuel Alito - “A judge can't have any agenda. A judge can't have a preferred outcome in any particular case.”  
 George Washington - “Unless there's a judge somewhere who is just dying for a case like this, I think it will be put to an end on Friday.”  
 Dennis Jones - “Then, he'll go through the parole process like any other adult. The judge will recommend to the parole board, and I don't think there's any reason why the board won't follow that.”  
 Bobby DePace - “They'll up the ante because they now have the bankruptcy judge behind them.”  
 Cynthia Magnuson - “We're asking the judge in this case to stop the promoter from promoting their particular scam. We also (are) asking for the liability to be paid back.”  
 Charles Manson - “Well, were our own prisons. We each our own wardens we do our own times. We get stuck in our own little trips we kind a judge ourselves the way we do. You know, I cant judge uh, nobody else, best thing I can do is try to judge myself live with that. See, what other people do is not really my affair, unless they approach me with it, want me to do something about it, uh, then Ill uh take into consideration what has to be done. But other than that I just uh, try to do my number, do my time.”  
 David Mejia - “I don't know if they intentionally locked her out. I think the judge wanted to preserve security, but it was unfortunate.”  
 Bruce Cutler - “We have a strong, independent judge.”  
 Voltaire - “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers”  
 Oscar Wilde - “It is exactly because a man cannot do a thing that he is a proper judge of it”  
 Proverb - “Don't judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins”  
 Sally Daly - “It was a very serious and highly unusual legal motion, but something we felt was absolutely necessary, and we are pleased that the judge has recognized our position.”  

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