My Favorite Quotes
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 Geoff Hoon - “This is simply a warning shot, if you like, across the bows of the Iraqi leadership.”  
 William Amelio - “These measures will help us become a more effective global competitor and maintain our leadership in innovation and customer satisfaction.”  
 Abdullah - “The presence of our political leadership, of our security forces in Kabul shouldn't be interpreted as a move to block the political settlement, ... it would, rather, help that political settlement.”  
 John Tory - “By letting it go on, and suddenly ending it mysteriously on a Sunday afternoon, is not probably the best kind of leadership that one could show.”  
 Margaret Spellings - “Under Secretary Spellings' leadership, stringent processes have been instituted to ensure these types of missteps don't happen again.”  
 John Tory - “By letting it go on, and suddenly ending it mysteriously on a Sunday afternoon, is not probably the best kind of leadership that one could show,”  
 Romeo Crennel - “Am I totally satisfied ... If you want me to say Trent has lit it up, he has not lit it up. But Trent has provided the leadership that we expected when we got him. I think Trent will run the offense the way we expect him to. Is it going to be perfect Probably not. If he would have been perfect then we wouldn't have got him. He would be somewhere else.”  
 Chris Pronger - “You could kind of see after that first game how important he was. Taking the focus off of us and putting it on him, he awakened the team and let us go about our job. It'll be great having him there from a leadership perspective.”  
 Larry Kupczyk - “He's a skilled player who has been able to put the puck in the net on a regular basis. Jesse also took more of a leadership role this season and is a very solid player.”  
 John Feehery - “The speaker wants J.C. back. He thinks he's an integral part of his leadership team.”  
 Luk Boral - “This season, she's a completely different person than she was as a freshman. She took the leadership on the women's side this year. Vanessa has all my respect and I'm very proud to swim with her.”  
 Jeff Smith - “His natural leadership skills as a point guard stands out more than anything.”  
 Tom Curle - “Kris Gibb-Smith hit a three 22 seconds into the second half and we showed we were still focused. I was very pleased. We didn't get sloppy and the players were remarking about how we have playoffs to prepare for and we can't let down -- Travis Gorham in particular took on a leadership role there.”  
 Brian Bethune - “The overall momentum in construction remains solid. We expect this pattern to continue, with public and commercial construction taking the leadership baton in 2006 as housing starts ease back moderately.”  
 Kevin Madden - “It's a new leadership style. You do a lot more listening than talking.”  
 Joseph Battipaglia - “The big-cap technology leaders are doing reasonably well, ... I still believe technology companies will provide leadership. They will be followed alongside by pharmaceuticals and financials.”  
 Aamir Khan - “Film making is like fighting a war with leadership at the front.”  
 Zachary Abuza - “suffered terribly in terms of arrests - more than 300 around the region - including its founding leadership.”  
 Abbas Bayati - “Political tension by itself cannot lead to civil war. Sectarianism is the one possible cause. But the position of the leadership has pulled the rug out from under this proposition.”  
 Nathan Diament - “We commend Senators Michael Enzi and Edward Kennedy and their colleagues for their leadership in the Senate and ensuring that this much-needed relief (ensuring the equitable and religiously sensitive treatment of parochial schools) was contained in the appropriations package.”  
 Scott Reed - “Both of these senators managed the expectations game brilliantly. They laid low, they learned the Senate, they waited to get their assignments from the leadership, and they hit 'em out of the park.”  
 Corey Ostman - “With no particular sector to provider leadership, it's hard to have a general trend.”  
 Patrick Buchanan - “If he does that, he will demonstrate national leadership, ... He will put an end to this little rebellion, and there will be no battle on the floor of the convention.”  
 Al-Qaeda - “many of whom are from the leadership who are wanted in their countries.”  
 Med Yones - “Since the leadership team can be the firms most valuable asset or its worst liability, leadership development should be a core business management process sponsored by the CEO, overseen by the Board of Directors, and facilitated by the HR department. On Leadership and Human Capital”  

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