My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Collins - “Any time we have a circumstance like that we're going to take every precaution and not make any assumptions.”  
 Bob Clarke - “Once we signed Forsberg, we knew we had to make a trade.”  
 Bob Clague - “You've got to do that, play a high-pressure game. You have to make them make mistakes. If you let them play, they will send high balls down the field, and they have a chance to put the ball in.”  
 Bob Cavanagh - “Last year we knew we were going to be on par with the year before. This year we're going to have to make more adjustments and people are going to have to step up.”  
 Bob Casey - “Chrysler, in the years right after World War II, was very serious about trying to make the gas turbine practical and economically viable.”  
 Boris Segura - “The markets are reacting to the polls, but investors will sell off more aggressively if Flores doesn't make it into the second round.”  
 Bob Carlson - “It is going to make it more difficult for people without problems to band together. But it is not going to make it difficult for those with real problems to band together. People with legitimate problems will be addressed, and people without won't get a windfall.”  
 Boris Said - “It's a long race. You don't race in the 24 hours of Daytona you save everything. I'm just glad we're all tall That will make it a lot more comfortable.”  
 Boris Johnson - “Sometimes, in our thinking about higher education, we're too narrowly confined to a utilitarian calculus about what it's doing to the bottom line of UK plc. I wanted to make the point that higher education adds immeasurably to the value of the UK economy without necessarily obliging everybody to pursue courses that have some immediate vocational application. I wanted to stick up for medieval history, among other things, which was deprecated by Charles Clarke.”  
 Boris Diaw - “That's what we do. We make the guy sitting next to you better.”  
 Boris Diaw - “I just give the ball to my teammates and they make it. It's that simple.”  
 Boris Boehm - “Companies are restructuring to make themselves fit for the future. Investors are looking for companies that are engaged in that process. It's a positive.”  
 Booker T. Washington - “I let no man drag me down so low as to make me hate him.”  
 Bob Bryan - “Its great to have Stanford on board for what will obviously be an exciting year for doubles on the circuit. They realize that doubles can only get better, and the players are fully committed to working with them to make this partnership work.”  
 Bob Brusca - “He is enough of a policy wonk to know that how you make change is very, very important. They will run models and simulations.”  
 Bob Bruglio - “That's been our problem all year long. We have one or two bad innings, and it's hard to come back. You can't give North Port extra outs like we did in that inning. They put pressure on us and let us make our own mistakes.”  
 Bob Brown - “One has a right to be suspicious, while the prime minister did not make this announcement yesterday because it was Melbourne Cup Day, he's making it today when he's releasing the industrial relations legislation to take (it) off the front page,”  
 Boo Davis - “I've got a friend from Seton Hall, so I was surprised to see them make the tournament. I was also surprised to see Tennessee get a No. 2 seed. We've really got to win some games to meet those guys.”  
 Bonzi Wells - “It's that time of year. You've got to play well every game. Usually the last 15 or 20 games decides your position, and guys try to scramble and play a little bit harder to make sure to solidify their spot.”  
 Bonzi Wells - “Sacramento's my new love, so I'm going to take this first date and hopefully make a marriage out of it.”  
 Bonny Bakley - “We got married to get to know each other and see if we could make it together.”  
 Bonnie Williams - “We certainly hope to fill all of our nomination categories. And make an award in each of those categories.”  
 Bonnie Stewart - “He wants to be able to learn. He wants to be able to make a difference in someone's life.”  
 Bob Bowman - “It was the most boring environment you could imagine. There were maybe two people in the stands. There was no cheering. Then Michael swims 159. I remember walking to my car after that swim, stopping and saying out loud, 'He's going to make the Olympic team.' That day changed everything.”  
 Bonnie Rosen - “It's all about playing at a high energy level. We need to keep up the speed and make a few smarter decisions while we're playing.”  

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