My Favorite Quotes
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 April Winchell - “I remember lying down for a nap one day at about 400 and walking up at 1100 the next morning.”  
 Andrew Wiles - “There's also a sense of freedom. I was so obsessed by this problem that I was thinking about if all the time - when I woke up in the morning, when I went to sleep at night, and that went on for eight years.”  
 Andrew Wiles - “I would wake up with it first thing in the morning, I would be thinking about it all day and I would be thinking about it when I went to sleep.”  
 Andrew Wiles - “I was so obsessed by this problem that I was thinking about it all the time - when I woke up in the morning, when I went to sleep at night - and that went on for eight years.”  
 Billy Wilder - “You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.”  
 Richard Widmark - “John Ford was so funny that I couldn't wait to go to work in the morning.”  
 Paul Westerberg - “I didn't wake up one morning and not be in the Replacements. We're all that forever, and I've just grown older. I mean, I haven't lost anything. I've gained a few things.”  
 Burt Ward - “I mean when you come into the set at 730 in the morning and you come out of make-up and the first thing you know, the ladies start coming into our dressing rooms at 745.”  
 Frankie Valli - “I spent many a summer early morning with the radio very low, half sleeping and half listening.”  
 Toots Thielemans - “You can be in Tokyo or Alberta at four in the morning in your hotel and you can still practice if you feel like it. A trombone cannot do that at four in the morning.”  
 Gene Tunney - “Upon awakening in the morning, I wondered if the proceedings of the night before had been a dream. It was hard to believe that I was the world's heavyweight champion.”  
 Peter Tork - “The four of us couldn't have made a record with the time left over when we were shooting the show. We were on stage from 7.30 in the morning 'til 7 at night. Later on, when there was a break from filming, and we were sick of doing it the old way.”  
 Quentin Tarantino - “I always do an all-night horror marathon on Saturdays where we start at seven and go until five in the morning.”  
 Hunter S. Thompson - “The person who doesn't scatter the morning dew will not comb gray hairs.”  
 Hal Sutton - “Put Mickelson and Toms out there. You know, they had the morning off. They rested. Knowing them and the competitors that they are, they are probably a little angry that they weren't out there in the morning.”  
 Hannah Storm - “Secretary of State Colin Powell, thank you so much, as always, for joining us this morning.”  
 Gordon Sinclair - “The United States dollar took another pounding on German, French and British exchanges this morning, hitting the lowest point ever known in West Germany.”  
 Ryan Sheckler - “I just motor through school in the morning and then go skating.”  
 Bruno Schulz - “This enraged the other Nazi so much that the next morning he came to our house and he shot my father.”  
 Charles Sturt - “We left Oxley's Table Land on the morning of the 31st of January, pursuing a northern course through the brush and across a large plain, moving parallel to the smaller hill, and keeping it upon our left.”  
 Parker Stevenson - “What I do is not some magical, mystical thing. I simply get up in the morning, get to work on time, say my lines, and do the best I can.”  
 Mark Spitz - “In my day, at 12 years old, which was 38 years ago, we worked out in summer months for two and a half hours. Today someone in that age group might work out for four hours, two hours in the morning and two at night.”  
 Wole Soyinka - “I'm not one of those writers I learned about who get up in the morning, put a piece of paper in their typewriter machine and start writing. That I've never understood.”  
 Suzanne Somers - “Now I know that that is just the phenomena of eating this way. Most all of my letters say I hit a plateau and then one morning I woke up and the melt had happened.”  
 Gerrit Smith - “I trust, that your readers will not construe my words to mean, that I would not have gone to a 3 o'clock in the morning session, for the sake of defeating the Nebraska bill.”  

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