My Favorite Quotes
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 Bonnie Tyler - “You think the Welsh are friendly, but the Irish are fabulous.”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “We all have a great time. And then I go to bed, get up and do it all over again. I like my life.”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “The way we work is to make sure you are picking the right songs. You do 12 rough demos and you only pick six songs out of that to start with.”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “It's really fantastic because families can come to my shows and they all like it. It's really weird.”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “I've never taken drugs. My drug, I suppose, is drink. I never drink before I sing, but I do make up for it when I come off”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “I haven't had a big hit record in America since 1987.”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “I have never gone out of fashion. And do you know why Because I never sought it. When you don't seek it, it's always with you.”  
 Bonnie Tyler - “I am itching like hell to play America because I know that if I did the show over there, they would love it.”  
 Ivor Novello - “Whenever I am asked if I go to hear my Fortune told, I invariably reply, No. I don't go because I don't believe in it-I believe in it too much”  
 Ivor Novello - “There are very few misanthropes, thank goodness”  
 Ivor Novello - “The pictures are designed to portray human emotions, good and evil, fine and tawdry and it is no wonder that their appeal is so universal.”  
 Ivor Novello - “The beautiful heroine might be thinking, How long must I bury my face on this wretched man's shoulder Such is not the always the case, but quite often it is.”  
 Ivor Novello - “Love-making is an art which must be studied.”  
 Ivor Novello - “I began my career with infantile dreams of becoming a composer.”  
 Ivor Novello - “Every blessed one of you feels better for that burst of laughter.”  
 Ivor Novello - “British girls are as temperamental as Americans.”  
 Ivor Novello - “As the growth of the film industry has progressed from humble beginnings to its present important position, the play has prospered.”  
 Ivor Novello - “After the war, in which I served as a pilot in the Air Force, I took up films.”  
 Dave Edmunds - “It was all recorded and mixed and there's more continuity in it more direction.”  
 John Cale - “When somebody grabs a movement, you're kind of locked into it. It's all par for the course.”  
 John Cale - “What I enjoy most about being on stage is that the natural instruments give you a greater freedom with texture. When you use natural instruments they have their own resonance.”  
 John Cale - “We'd hold a chord for three hours if we could.”  
 John Cale - “The avant-garde makes more sense to me.”  
 John Cale - “In the studio you have pretty much Carte Blanche with whatever you're doing. You can turn natural instruments into electronic instruments.”  
 John Cale - “If you're all loaded up on love, you haven't got anywhere else to go.”  

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