My Favorite Quotes
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 Algernon Blackwood - “Fingers of snow brushed the surface of his heart. The power and quiet majesty of the winter's night appalled him.”  
 Charles Dickens - “They were all silent for a long while. As it got to be flood-tide, and the water came nearer to them, noises on the river became more frequent, and they listened more. To the turning of steam-paddles, to the clinking of iron chain, to the creaking of blocks, to the measured working of oars, to the occasional violent barking of some passing dog on shipboard, who seemed to scent them lying in their hiding-place. The night was not so dark but that, besides the lights at bows and mastheads gliding to and fro, they could discern some shadowy bulk attached and now and then a ghostly lighter with a large dark sail, like a warning arm, would start up very near them, pass on, and vanish.”  
 Charles Dickens - “The night was dark, and a cold wind blew, driving the clouds, furiously and fast, before it. There was one black, gloomy mass that seemed to follow him not hurrying in the wild chase with the others, but lingering sullenly behind, and gliding darkly and stealthily on. He often looked back at this, and, more than once, stopped to let it pass over but, somehow, when he went forward again, it was still behind him, coming mournfully and slowly up, like a shadowy funeral train.”  
 Algernon Blackwood - “And something born of the snowy desolation, born of the midnight and the silent grandeur, born of the great listening hollows of the night, something that lay 'twixt terror and wonder, dropped from the vast wintry spaces down into his heartand called him”  
 Mary Shelley - “. . . the moon gazed on my midnight labours, while, with unrelaxed and breathless eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding-places.”  
 Samuel Johnson - “Whoever thinks of going to bed before twelve o clock is a scoundrel.”  
 Charles Schumer - “It's disgraceful for the president to get up and say he supports the assault weapons ban, and then have his aides whisper to the House, kill it in the dead of night.”  
 Chan Gailey - “Considering their depth and our depth, I'll take a night game this time.”  
 Chad Johnson - “We turned the ball over way too much. We were just trying to get the ball down low, because they weren't stopping us all night.”  
 Chris Lambert - “All the way through spring I felt confident. I went out there confident all night. I gave up some hits, gave up some runs but I felt I was more confident out there. If I missed my spot and they hit it, I knew exactly why.”  
 Carl Krauser - “It was a tough night for Aaron and me. We were both off. That can't happen, not at this time of year. Your stars have to be stars. Aaron and I are definitely the stars on this team. This can't happen again. We have to step it up. I'm sure we will.”  
 Carl Krauser - “It was a rough shooting night. I rushed a lot of shots.”  
 Carl Krauser - “It definitely is important. No one wants to play four nights in a row in the tough Big East. It's almost like playing in the NBA when you're playing against good teams night in and night out. It would be nice to have fresh legs for those games.”  
 Carl Edwards - “I talked to Brad at pretty great length last night. Brad and I have never had a cross word. I was over at his house with the whole crew the other night. I believe it was just differing opinions over the best way to do things at the shop.”  
 Carmelo Anthony - “That's something he does every night. They've got shooters out there who can knock down open shots, and he put them in a great position to hit shots.”  
 Carmelo Anthony - “That was a good block, good defense. He was doing that all night. Actually, he's been doing that all year.”  
 Carmelo Anthony - “We have to keep shooting. We had our bad shooting game out there tonight. So we are bound to have a good shooting night.”  
 Carl Edwards - “I am really looking forward to being on the show. It will be awesome joining Kenny and Michael on Monday night. I hope we have a great weekend in Texas, so it will give me even more to talk about on Monday night.”  
 Carmelo Anthony - “I made a promise to him that in '06 I would come back (to the gym) at night. I've got to keep that promise.”  
 Carmelo Anthony - “We ran pretty well (Monday night). I don't think we ran as well as we wanted to. But we ran pretty well.”  
 Chris Hill - “We just have to execute better. We can't turn the ball over (seven) times. That night, our minds were not ready to play.”  
 Carlos Delgado - “We've been pitching extremely well. We can't expect to throw a shutout every night. They hit more than us.”  
 Carmelo Anthony - “Every night for the last week and a half has been tough. We wait for the last 12 to 15 minutes of the game to try and battle back, but by that time it's too late.”  
 Byron Scott - “I think it's important to give them a product where we go out and play extremely hard every night,”  
 Byron Scott - “The people have been incredible, ... I walked into a place last night, and the person said, 'You guys are like movie stars. We don't know how to act.' I said, 'No, we're just normal people. We just want to be wanted.'”  

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