My Favorite Quotes
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 Solon - “Put more trust in nobility of character than in an oath.”  
 Judge M. Lane - “There are some judges that in my view do cross the line. They try to make up the law as they go along. Those judges, in my view, respectfully, do not honor their oath. Their oath is to construe the law and follow the law the legislature enacts.”  
 Harry Houdini - “But then, so far as I know, I am the only performer who ever pledged his assistants to secrecy, honor and allegiance under a notarial oath.”  
 Anthony Holden - “When the magistrate says 'That's not a good enough reason my man.' He said 'Excuse me, could I ask you Have you taken an oath of allegiance to the Monarch'”  
 Mary H. Jones - “You know I took an oath to tell the truth when I took the witness stand.”  
 Lee H. Hamilton - “I cannot remember a national security advisor testing in public, under oath, talking at length about policy matters, and that's an unusual event.”  
 Simon Greenleaf - “But if, on the other hand, we should be justified in rejecting it, if there testified on oath, then, supposing our rules of evidence to be sound, we may be excused if we hesitate elsewhere to give it credence.”  
 Howard Fineman - “By Rice's own standards, the war was well underway by the time he took office. He was a war president the moment he took the oath. But did he act like one”  
 Mangosuthu Buthelezi - “And the basis on which we agreed to operate with them involved a manifesto, where it states that we proceed from different ideologies and policies. One thing that we insisted on was that they should take an oath to reject racism and discrimination.”  
 Paul Begala - “If it was about lying under oath - we actually know that Clinton certainly was deceptive, as most people would be about their sex lives - but, in fact, he did not lie.”  
 Frank Melton - “The only time I was under oath was Monday, and I told the absolute truth,”  
 Frank Hsieh - “When I took my oath last year, Adviser Peng was also a witness, and his remarks last year were pretty similar to what he said today. It means that the political atmosphere has not changed at all.”  
 Don Nickles - “I still think President Clinton may have some real problems because he testified under oath. There is a real question of perjury and obstruction of justice.”  
 Dick DeGuerin - “Everybody who becomes a judge has done something in their past. They've represented one side or another. If they took the oath of office and believe in the oath and impartially administer justice, that's all you can ask for.”  
 Donna Taylor - “On this memorable day, we were honored to witness 50 petitioners, representing 24 different countries, take the oath of United States citizenship at a naturalization ceremony in the courtroom of Judge Gregory Frost. Having the privilege of watching this naturalization ceremony was an experience these fourth-graders and their teachers will never forget.”  
 Frank Westgate - “I barely passed the physical. But I passed. Then they said you're good to the oath, man. So I took the oath and I was blown away by it that I could get back in because I tried so hard for so long.”  
 Sam Perlozzo - “I would think if you're under oath, you tell the truth. Isn't that what you're supposed to do”  
 Henry Hyde - “These are not trivial matters. These are not partisan matters. These are matters of justice, the justice that each of you has taken a solemn oath to serve in this trial,”  
 Henry Hyde - “to emphasize the statements made under oath.”  
 Henry Hyde - “The question before this House is rather simple, ... It's not about sex ... The matter before the House is lying under oath. This is called perjury.”  
 Mark Geragos - “We're seeking appellate relief to prevent a lawyer who was employed for the briefest of times from capitalizing on that employment and violating his oath as a lawyer.”  
 Chen Shui-bian - “If they manage to persuade others and others accept this, then I will resign and I will not take the oath of office.”  
 Andrew Card - “Harriet is an outstanding person ... I look forward to her hearings and I look forward to her confirmation and I look for to her taking that oath. It means so much to all of us,”  
 Mohammad Khatami - “I renew the pact and oath I have with the people, and nothing will stop me from implementing the program I promised them,”  
 Michelle Moore - “It's very important to him. He took an oath first of all. He's very dedicated to his job.”  

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