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 Albert Einstein - “If men as individuals surrender to the call of their elementary instincts, avoiding pain and seeking satisfaction only for their own selves, the result for them all taken together must be a state of insecurity, of fear, and of promiscuous misery.”  
 Emil Zatopek - “It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.”  
 Pia Zadora - “If you have a guy like Jermaine, it's a pain in the neck. When we were on the road together in Europe, Jesus, I had to kick the girls off of him. I mean, they throw themselves on the floor and take off their hats.”  
 Dick York - “My spine healed incorrectly. There were long periods when I'd be perfectly all right, and then there were many other times when I wasn't, when my back would give out and throw me down to the floor amid waves of nauseating pain.”  
 Dick York - “I took pain pills to get to sleep because I didn't want to go to work the next day exhausted.”  
 Link Wray - “Elvis was rock'n'roll. He came from the poverty and the pain.”  
 David Wilkerson - “As I look back over fifty years of ministry, I recall innumerable tests, trials and times of crushing pain. But through it all, the Lord has proven faithful, loving, and totally true to all his promises.”  
 Lindsay Wagner - “Finally I had a place where I could express my pain and I felt safe because I didn't have to put my name on it. I think acting kept me alive back then.”  
 Lindsay Wagner - “A lot of people say they want to get out of pain, and I'm sure that's true, but they aren't willing to make healing a high priority. They aren't willing to look inside to see the source of their pain in order to deal with it.”  
 Simone Veil - “Pain is the root of knowledge.”  
 Polly Toynbee - “Thresholds of pain, indignity and incapacity are entirely personal.”  
 Gene Tierney - “Those who become mentally ill often have a history of chronic pain.”  
 John Thorn - “This was nostalgia in the literal Greek sense the pain of not being able to return to one's home and family.”  
 James Taylor - “I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others.”  
 Janet Suzman - “This is always a pain because it's injustice too and so my response to it, I tell you what I am more surprised or horrified at Jews who forget to be humanists than I am at anybody else.”  
 Janet Suzman - “I still find that a kind of stricture of the heart happens when I see any form of bigoted or racist behaviour. I get an actual pain in my heart.”  
 Neil Sheehan - “I think you have to remember that Americans saw their purpose as so innately good that they could excuse the pain they would inflict on others to carry out those purposes. Because the purposes were so good, they would justify this pain we were inflicting on other people.”  
 Meryl Streep - “I'm a pain in the ass to all of the costume designers with whom I work because I have very strong feelings about the subject.”  
 Sophocles - “Hush Check those words. Do not cure ill with ill and make your pain still heavier than it is.”  
 Todd Solondz - “I admit there's an element of brutality in all my work - it's part of the truth about human existence I always want to explore - but the last thing I'm trying to do is put on some kind of freak show, inviting people to get off on other people's pain and humiliation.”  
 Robert Smith - “Like I can't cry for myself so I will let this song take all of the things inside I can't let anyone else see and offer it up, as if the sound were some kind of god, and my pain is some kind of sacrifice.”  
 Carly Simon - “One of the things that has always motivated me to write is the desire to get it out and look at it in an objective way, so that it doesn't cause me any serious pain by staying inside.”  
 Albert Schweitzer - “Whosoever is spared personal pain must feel himself called to help in diminishing the pain of others.”  
 Arnold Schwarzenegger - “The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens.”  
 Spider Robinson - “Shared joy is increased, shared pain is lessened.”  

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