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 David Nalbandian - “It's not a bad match to play in the first round, ... I'm not 100 percent to start tomorrow and he's not 100 percent.”  
 David Nalbandian - “After the tie-break in the first set, the game followed the path I wanted it to take. Now I don't mind who I play against,”  
 David Nalbandian - “Every time we play is different,”  
 Dick Jauron - “You gotta get lucky, in some terms. You gotta get on some players who maybe don't think they're that good and they play a lot better than they are. You gotta get on it in terms of injury, and then you have to make the right choices personnel-wise. The ones you think are going to be players, they all gotta be players and they gotta play up to it, so it's possible, definitely possible.”  
 David Nalbandian - “Roger is now at gorgeous form, and it's difficult for anybody to beat him. But if you play 100 percent and be focus at the time, you can get a chance.”  
 David Nalbandian - “I don't know, this kind of tournament, it's ridiculous to play at this time. Looks like, I don't know, futures -- futures in, I don't know, nowhere. So it's ridiculous.”  
 Kevin Boyle - “Brian is a fabulous player, a tough kid and a very good passer. I've seen him grow stronger and tougher to play.”  
 Dave Stricklin - “So our goal coming in was to extend the season. Because by winning, we'd get to play together one more time.”  
 Paul Alepra - “We did a good job of getting the ball up the floor and almost everyone that played scored. Everyone got to play and this was one of those games you like as far as that goes.”  
 Trent Yawney - “We abandoned what we did in the first period. That's when we shot and went to the net. After that, we started looking for the pretty play, and the pretty play wasn't there.”  
 Dave Strang - “We don't know much about them. They haven't had any games on a big ice surface. On our home rink, we usually play well.”  
 Ty Rogers - “It is always great to know that you have your fans there to support you. They bring energy and emotion, and they help us play with emotion. I thank our fans for giving us the support they have all season.”  
 Cip Sanchez - “We lost to them twice by 26 points last year and they're the same team. I think we gave them a scare. We play them three times this year, and we're looking to get one game.”  
 Dave Stover - “I need skill players at every position and they just have to be mentally tough and play from point one to point 25.”  
 Dave Stockwell - “We didn't play our game ... and that took us out of our rhythm. We're a rhythm and finesse team, and we were taken out of (our rhythm) -- and that's the way that goes.”  
 William Butler Yeats - “Bred to a harder thingThan Triumph, turn awayAnd like a laughing stringWhereon mad fingers play Amid a place of stone,Be secret and exult,Because of all things knownThat is most difficult.”  
 William Butler Yeats - “Did that play of mine send outCertain men the English shot”  
 Clint Norred - “They have a tough job, and a lot of people overlook them. But they play an integral part.”  
 Dave Stephens - “That play gave us a big lift going into the locker room. We were playing more like a team tonight and that is great to see.”  
 Bob Constalie - “I thought we could play with them, I really did. Once they jumped out, they really rattled us.”  
 Robert Bailey - “I thought the play was a big turnaround for the game and for the fans. I think it kept us motivated.”  
 Dave Stephens - “I also thought that the play before the half was huge for us.”  
 Dave Stephens - “I thought Eric Roberts stepped up and gave us a nice burst of energy. We used different combinations of people and defenses and got to look at a lot of people. We'll play the people who play the hardest and play the best together.”  
 Dave Stephens - “We didn't play with heart and that is especially disappointing on our home floor. We have to question how badly we wanted it. Right now, we are not doing the little things that we need to do to be successful.”  
 Dave Stephens - “Our kids played solid for 32 minutes. That was the key. Anytime you play well for 32 minutes, good things will happen. We have played a lot of good quarters and halves this year, but we put it together for the whole game this time.”  

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