My Favorite Quotes
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 Dylan Thomas - “Washington isn't a city, it's an abstraction.”  
 John Dyer - “The paintings by Van Gough and Chagall had a big influence on me.”  
 John Dyer - “The lifestyle that an artist can have, the freedom to wander in the landscape with no real pressure or deadlines, was a very attractive one.”  
 John Dyer - “Painting is really good fun, I have always enjoyed it. As long as I paint what I want with the freedom that I enjoy, I never tire.”  
 John Dyer - “In some parts of the world there is very little tidal movement.”  
 John Dyer - “I was told I was talented when I applied to Falmouth School of Art and that I should consider skipping the course and proceeding directly to degree level.”  
 John Dyer - “I want to paint big, bright, optimistic pictures of the place I love.”  
 John Dyer - “I use about 20 different colours to retain the luminance in my work.”  
 John Dyer - “I use a wide selection of colours. It is impossible to produce work like mine using only the primary colours as they only mix a certain range of colour.”  
 John Dyer - “I still take photographs for my own use, personal studies. I do not feel that I can fully express my views through the medium and this is why I have moved towards painting.”  
 John Dyer - “I really enjoy squeezing out a big lump of paint directly onto the canvas and leaving it fresh, immediate and sometimes shocking.”  
 John Dyer - “I realised that if I did what I wanted to do, it would work.”  
 John Dyer - “I paint what I see, not what a camera would see.”  
 John Dyer - “I have lived in Cornwall from the age of 4, so I have always been aware of the artistic heritage that the county has. I feel very proud to be able to connect to this.”  
 John Dyer - “I have improved the way in which I paint. The colours are cleaner and there is more energy in the brush work.”  
 John Dyer - “I decided to become a painter when my first four paintings where all published and attracted a great deal of interest. I exhibited one of them and it was sold.”  
 John Dyer - “I apply paint directly from the tube and with my fingers.”  
 Dylan Thomas - “The land of my fathers. My fathers can have it.”  
 Dylan Thomas - “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”  
 Henry Vaughan - “They are all gone into the world of light, and I alone sit lingering here.”  
 Dylan Thomas - “The function of posterity is to look after itself.”  
 Taliesin - “I praise the Lord, the Sovereign of the royal realm, Who has extended his sway over the tract of the world.”  
 Taliesin - “Reaper of enemies strong of grip One kind with his fathers.”  
 John Fund - “Rhetoric is cheap, evidence comes more dearly.”  
 Taliesin - “From warriors ravens grew red And with their leader a host attacked.”  

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