My Favorite Quotes
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 Clara Zetkin - “The most disastrous phenomenon of the current situation is the factor that imperialism is employing for its own ends all the powers of the proletariat, all of its institutions and weapons, which its fighting vanguard has created for its war of liberation.”  
 John Yoo - “American soldiers had to guard prisoners on the inside while receiving mortar and weapons fire from the outside. Guantanamo is distant from any battlefield, making it far more secure.”  
 Curt Weldon - “Tens of thousands of innocent people were killed using weapons of mass destruction. The question is whether or not we will actually find them.”  
 Virgil - “Their rage supplies them with weapons.”  
 Marcus V. Pollio - “From the exterior face of the wall towers must be projected, from which an approaching enemy may be annoyed by weapons, from the embrasures of those towers, right and left.”  
 Paul Tsongas - “Our only weapons in this war of your lifetime are the weapons of the mind.”  
 Helen Suzman - “Instead of investing in projects to give people jobs, they spend millions buying weapons and private jets, and sending gifts to Haiti.”  
 Stendhal - “Never had he found himself so close to those terrible weapons of feminine artillery.”  
 Michael Scheuer - “We had found that he and al Qaeda were involved in an extraordinarily sophisticated and professional effort to acquire weapons of mass destruction.”  
 Richard Reeves - “Most of those mocking us and our works night after night have not reached the point of suggesting we are going to use those weapons. They are pretty useless right now.”  
 Lord Robertson - “The rapid dissemination of technology and information offers entirely new ways of production, but it can also bring the spectre of more states developing weapons of mass destruction.”  
 Condoleezza Rice - “But I want to just caution, it is not incumbent on the United States to prove that Saddam Hussein is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. He's already demonstrated that he's trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction.”  
 E. P. Thompson - “I will hear no talk that there are no intermediate-range weapons on the NATO side.”  
 Mohammed Omar - “This is not a matter of weapons. We are hopeful for God's help. The real matter is the extinction of America. And, God willing, it will fall to the ground.”  
 John Olver - “Americans were told repeatedly by President Bush and Vice President Cheney that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. None were ever found.”  
 Andrew Niccol - “We hear so much about weapons of mass destruction. But nine out of 10 war victims are killed by guns. It's the AK-47 that's a weapon of mass destruction.”  
 Alva Myrdal - “I agree with the many who consider freezing all sorts of weapons systems a first step in a realistic disarmament policy.”  
 Chris Matthews - “Once it was suggested that Saddam Hussein might give his weaponry to terrorists, or might use weapons himself in the region, then it became hard for the Democrats to say, 'Well, that can't happen.'”  
 Ron Lewis - “Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Islamic extremists will be a disaster for the world.”  
 Chiaki Kuriyama - “We started with the basics of kicking and punching, then we moved on once we got proficient in that, we moved on to working with the weapons, and from then on working with the wires.”  
 David Kay - “Sen. Edward Kennedy knows very directly. Senator Kennedy and I talked on several occasions prior to the war that my view was that the best evidence that I had seen was that Iraq indeed had weapons of mass destruction.”  
 David Kay - “And like I say, I think we've got other cases other than Iraq. I do not think the problem of global proliferation of weapons technology of mass destruction is going to go away, and that's why I think it is an urgent issue.”  
 Herman Kahn - “To the extent that these advanced weapons or their components are treated as articles of commerce, perhaps for peaceful uses as in the Plowshare program, their cost would be well within the resources available to many large private organizations.”  
 Robert Jay Lifton - “Every adult in the world has some sense that he or she might be obliterated at any time by these weapons that we have created.”  
 Bill Clinton - “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”  

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