My Favorite Quotes
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 Sigmund Freud - “The great question which I have not been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is What does a woman want”  
 Clara Zetkin - “What made women's labour particularly attractive to the capitalists was not only its lower price but also the greater submissiveness of women.”  
 Clara Zetkin - “It is not just the women workers who suffer because of the miserable payment of their labour. The male workers, too, suffer because of it.”  
 Clara Zetkin - “Bourgeois society is not fundamentally opposed to the bourgeois women's movement, which is proven by the fact that in various states reforms of private and public laws concerning women have been initiated.”  
 Clara Zetkin - “As a consequence of their low wages, the women are transformed from mere competitors into unfair competitors who push down the wages of men.”  
 Muhammad Yunus - “If you look at the gender composition of all the borrowers of all the banks in Bangladesh, not even 1 of the borrowers happen to be women.”  
 Judy Woodruff - “We decided to focus on women because no one was singling them out.”  
 Lynn Westmoreland - “The Women of the Storm made a big difference for me, because it really put some real-life faces with the situation, and not just politicians.”  
 Lynn Westmoreland - “I think these ladies, that group of 130 women, are going to make a difference in what goes on down there, because they're going to hold the locals' feet to the fire.”  
 Diane Watson - “Social Security makes up a much larger share of total retirement income for unmarried women and minorities than it does for married couples, unmarried men and whites.”  
 Diane Watson - “Among seniors, Social Security is the sole source of income for 26 percent of nonmarried women.”  
 Marcia Wallace - “Eve Ensler is a hero of mine. She's been working for the rights of women for a long time.”  
 Andy Wachowski - “We thought we'd write a good script for women, giving them the fun roles that generally men get.”  
 Elizabeth Wurtzel - “It was just very interesting to me that certain types of women inspire people's imagination, and all of them were very difficult women.”  
 Victoria Woodhull - “Women have no government.”  
 Victoria Woodhull - “Let women issue a declaration of independence sexually, and absolutely refuse to cohabit with men until they are acknowledged as equals in everything, and the victory would be won in a single week.”  
 Victoria Woodhull - “If women would today would rise en masse and demand their emancipation, the men would be compelled to grant it.”  
 Beatrice Wood - “And I think maybe all women, if they just had a chance, would be romantic and believe in love and not sex. And men believe in sex and not love.”  
 Mary Wollstonecraft - “Women ought to have representatives, instead of being arbitrarily governed without any direct share allowed them in the deliberations of government.”  
 Mary Wollstonecraft - “Women have seldom sufficient employment to silence their feelings a round of little cares, or vain pursuits frittering away all strength of mind and organs, they become naturally only objects of sense.”  
 Markus Wolf - “There were some tragic cases of women whose love was abused, who for a certain time procured important documents or information, not knowing who for, what service they worked for, and for a variety reasons got jailed, were tried and sentenced.”  
 Jeanette Winterson - “I had relationships with men as well as women. I wasn't choosing I didn't think I had to.”  
 Michelle Wie - “I get bored easily. I like challenges. I've played against men my whole life. I want to play against the best players in the world, men and women.”  
 Vivienne Westwood - “Feminists wish women to seem like men. They're not men.”  
 Rachel Weisz - “If I went out in killer heels and full makeup, blow dry, the whole thing - anyone dressed up like that could be intimidating to men and women, really. It's so, look at me. Do you know what I mean But I love women.”  

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