My Favorite Quotes
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 Warren Zevon - “Dylan can do no wrong.”  
 Dick York - “I've been blessed. I have no complaints. I've been surrounded by people in radio, on stage and in motion pictures and television who love me. The things that have gone wrong have been simply physical things.”  
 James Wolfensohn - “But when someone is on a winning horse, and everything looks wonderful, it's very hard as an outsider to persuade them something is wrong.”  
 Gene Wilder - “So my idea of neurotic is spending too much time trying to correct a wrong. When I feel that I'm doing that, then I snap out of it.”  
 Jenny Weber - “If a man is talking in the forest, and there is no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong”  
 Elizabeth Wurtzel - “I start to feel like I can't maintain the facade any longer, that I may just start to show through. And I wish I knew what was wrong. Maybe something about how stupid my whole life is.”  
 Ron Wood - “People often get the wrong impression of Mick. The clever businessman is just one side of Mick. The other side is the same as the rest of us, a true rocker”  
 Natalie Wood - “Almost every girl falls in love with the wrong man, I suppose it's part of growing up.”  
 Mary Wollstonecraft - “If women be educated for dependence that is, to act according to the will of another fallible being, and submit, right or wrong, to power, where are we to stop”  
 Alicia Witt - “On-screen relationships are the best because you don't have to worry about saying the wrong things. And if the guy's got a girlfriend, or I'm not attracted to him, it's even better. It's just my character kissing his character.”  
 Arsene Wenger - “Some are wrong because they are not strong enough to fight temptation and some some are wrong because they do not know.”  
 Arsene Wenger - “As a coach you can influence the diet of your players. You can point out what is wrong.”  
 Len Wein - “If a story isn't working, I'm simply unable to finish it. That's what usually tells me something is wrong.”  
 Cynthia Weil - “As far as his recording career, it almost seemed that it just wasn't meant to be and no matter what we did, it turned out wrong.”  
 Marc Wallice - “I just put myself in a hotel and was smoking coke for a while. Then I met up with the wrong people. I ended up getting in a hassle. I had to call the police and get myself arrested or get attacked, ripped off and got to jail. So I called the cops on them and myself.”  
 Murray Walker - “I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong.”  
 Larry Wachowski - “We had this idea about a woman who you would see on the street and make a host of sexual assumptions, and they would all be wrong.”  
 John W. Snow - “Our view is that economic isolationism is the wrong way to go. Vibrant, successful growing economies that advance the interests of their citizens engage the global economy. And, we're committed to engaging the global economy.”  
 Voltaire - “Men use thought only to justify their wrong doings, and employ speech only to conceal their thoughts.”  
 Bobby Vinton - “Unfortunately, a lot of people are stupid. They take drugs. They get drunk and do all the wrong things in life. I just played it straight.”  
 Robert Vaughn - “I suppose you could sum up the religious aspects of my boyhood by saying it was a time of life when I was taught the difference between right and wrong as it specifically applied to Catholicism.”  
 Ville Valo - “Talking about covers, whether visually or sonically, if a particular combination of notes struck a chord in your heart in a way that you want to be a part of it by covering that song, then there's nothing wrong with it.”  
 Marilyn vos Savant - “Know the difference between principles based on right or wrong vs. principles based on personal gain, and consider the basis of your own principles.”  
 Ted Turner - “There's nothing wrong with being fired.”  
 Benjamin Tucker - “One thing, however, is sure, - that in all cases the effort should be to impose all the cost of repairing the wrong upon the doer of the wrong. This alone is real justice, and of course such justice is necessarily free.”  

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