Benjamin R. Barber Quotes

When fraternities, which act as primary residential units for many universities, include and exclude members as they wish, no one labels them champions of political correct, but that is, of course, precisely what they are. It is just that the “politics” by which they are made respectable is too mainstream to attract attention. When the […]

Dominant stories and the conventional paradigms need not to be bluntly callow in pressing home their dogmatism: they are the air we breath. When America unexamined finds its way into the nooks and crannies of liberal arts curricula, few suggest that students are being indoctrinated; but when America hyperexamined makes a small indentation on the […]

The need for politics arises when some action of public consequence becomes necessary and when men must thus make a public choice that is reasonable in the face of conflict despite the absence of an independent ground of judgment.