Bertolt Brecht Quotes

The finest plans have always been spoiled by the littleness of them that should carry them out. Even emperors can’t do it all by themselves.

What they could do with round here is a good war. What else can you expect with peace running wild all over the place? You know what the trouble with peace is? No organization.

Young Alexander conquered India. He alone? Caesar beat the Gauls. Was there not even a cook in his army? Philip of Spain wept as his fleet Was sunk and destroyed. Were there no other tears? Frederick the Great triumphed in the Seven Years War. Who Triumphed with him?

Andrea: Unhappy the land that has no heroes!… Galileo: No, unhappy the land that needs heroes.

Intelligence is not to make no mistakes but to quickly see how to make the good.

He who stays home when the fight begins And lets others fight for his cause should take care: He who does not take part in the battle will share in the defeat. Even avoiding battle does not avoid Battle, since not to fight for your own cause really means Fighting on behalf of your enemy’s […]

From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first.

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.

What is robbing a bank compared with founding a bank?

As a grown man, you should know better than to go around advising people.