Bruce Thompson Quotes

Sometimes I feel that I am a natural born genius in a field of human endeavor that hasn’t been invented yet.

It’s better to step on toes than walk on eggs.

Sometimes we’re exchanging ideas, and sometimes we’re just spraymarking.

I’d rather be disappointed in some than cynical about all.

Diversity has no inherent value, but is simply a fact of life, which may be employed or endured either well or badly. My circle of friends is diverse. So is my household garbage.

Why do conspiracy buffs believe that they are worth conspiring against?

Civilizations fall; cultures are exterminated.

President Clinton, on my behalf but without my consent, apologized: to Japan, for winning World War II and deposing the evil military government. to African nations, for not regarding their butcher-clown leaders and chaotic societies as equals. to black Americans, for slavery in America, notwithstanding that it was precisely Western ideals that made the abolition […]