Curtis McDougall Quotes

If we found in any other book pretending to give a system of religion, the falsehoods, falsifications, contradictions, and absurdities, which are to be met with in almost every page of the Old and New Testament, all the priests of the present day, who supposed themselves capable, would triumphantly show their skill in criticism, and […]

We must be compelled to hold this doctrine to be false, and the old and new law called the Old and the New Testament, to be impositions, fables and forgeries.

Compare all this ribaldry, blasphemously called the Word of God, with the Almighty power that created the universe, and whose eternal wisdom directs and governs all its mighty movements, and we shall be at a loss to find a name sufficiently contemptible for it.

Nonsense ought to be treated as nonsense wherever it be found, and had this been done in the rational manner it ought to have been done, instead of intimating and mincing the matter as has been too much the case, the nonsense and false doctrine of the Bible, with all the aid that priestcraft can […]

As to the book called the Bible, it is blasphemy to call it the word of God. It is a book of lies and contradictions, and a history of bad times and bad men. There are but a few good characters in the whole book.