Eddie Redmayne Quotes

I think the amazing thing with acting is that, whatever part you’re playing, you get to do an amazing amount of research around it, and meet people who often let you into their lives.

I defy anyone to go to the Oscars and feel like it’s normal. I mean, it’s such an insane thing. They shut down half of Los Angeles and you drive through closed-down roads to get there.

I try to lead a normal life. For example, I still take the tube. It sounds so silly, but I literally don’t think there’s a better way to get around London.

I’m actually very colourblind, and it’s a weird thing, a confusing thing to explain. Lots of people think that I just see in black and white, but it’s more like confusing tones of colour. So, blues and purples or greys and browns may trip  me up.