Freya Stark Quotes

Karachi, the Americans say, ‘is twice the size of Chicago cemetery and twice as dead.’

Rhodes, where history lies sleeping.

There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.

I have met charming people, lots of whom would be charming if they hadn’t got a complex about the British and everyone has pleasant and cheerful manners, and I like most of the American voices. On the other hand I don’t believe they have any God and their hats are frightful. On balance I prefer […]

On the whole, age comes more gently to those who have some doorway into an abstract world-art, or philosophy, or learning-regions where the years are scarcely noticed and the young and old can meet in a pale truthful light.

The most ominous of fallacies – the belief that things can be kept static by inaction.