Fritjof Capra Quotes

Know, O Proud Heart of Fear, that in those days there were no kings and queens, no lords and vassals. In the countless millennia before Everon, known also as the Age of Man, there were only masters and slaves. The masters were ancient, as practiced at cruelty as the stars at shining. They were more […]

The inner fragmentation of man mirrors his view of the world ‘outside’ which is seen as a multitude of separate objects and events. The natural environment is treated as if it consisted of separate parts to be exploited by different interest groups. The fragmented view is further extended to society which is split into different […]

The power of patriarchy has been extremely difficult to understand because it is all pervasive. It has influenced our most basic ideas about human nature and about our relation to the universe… It is the one system which, until recently, had never in recorded history been openly challenged, and whose doctrines were so universally accepted […]