George Martin Quotes

I think Margaret Thatcher started it, the greed thing, people just wanting more and more. And we’ve lost our morals to some extent. And the church has weakened. People don’t believe in anything apart from money and success.

People think I’m a multimillionaire and I’m not. I tend to look at people and think, “Are you a good human being?” That’s what impresses me most rather than what they’ve achieved.

My only regret with The Beatles is that I was wrongly advised and signed away my royalties to their records — about half a penny per title but, with them, that would have been an enormous amount.

I was really surprised when after we had finished that album (Let It Be) Paul came to me and said, ‘Let’s get back and record like we used to–would you produce an album like you used to?’ ‘Well, if you’d allow me to, I will.’ And that’s how we made “Abbey Road” It wasn’t quite […]

The idea for “Let It Be” was a brilliant one, and I think it was Paul’s. The original idea was that we should record an album of new material and rehearse it, then perform it before a live audience for the very first time–on record and film. In other words, make a live album of […]

(Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)… the turning point, something that will stand the test of time as a valid art form: sculpture in music…

I think Rubber Soul, really, was the first of the Beatles’ albums which presented a new Beatles to the world. Up till then we had been making albums rather like a collection of singles. Now we were really beginning to think about albums as a bit of art on their own, as entities of their […]

They were rather war-weary during “Beatles For Sale”. One must remember that they’d been battered like mad throughout 1964, and much of 1963. Success is a wonderful thing but it is very, very tiring. They were always on the go. “Beatles for Sale” doesn’t appeal to me very much now, it’s not one of their […]