Harry Houdini Quotes

The average human being is utterly unable to describe accurately anything he or she has witnessed, especially if it is something he or she wishes to believe.

Each time I help to investigate a medium I hope she may be all that she pretends to be. What wouldn’t I give to be able to talk to my mother.

I do not say that intercommunication between the living and the dead is impossible.

So far I have never on any occasion, in all the seances I have attended, seen anything which would lead me to credit a mediumistic performance with supernatural aid, nor have I seen anything which has convinced me that it is possible to communicate with those who have passed out of this life.

I have no desire to discredit spiritualism; I have no fight with the Spiritists; but I do believe it is my duty to place before the public the results of my long investigation of Spiritualism.