Jake Gyllenhaal Quotes

An aspiring actor really needs to know that they want to live an actor’s life. I feel like that about any job. You need to continue to believe in it even when those around you don’t, because otherwise you won’t enjoy it.

I love to cook and I love food, so for me the first experience of that is always the smell. I also think that the connections we make, whether good or bad, are always connected to smell.

I think of my happy place as I transition into sleep. I think that’s the case for everyone – that place you think of as you drift off, that place of comfort, is where you find yourself to be happiest. For me it’s always the same place. There’s a beach, which I can’t remember the […]

I’m a big fan of the old school telephone. The actual sound of someone’s voice, as opposed to social media, is what’s really important to me.