Jean Guitton Quotes

To have a book stimulate you as much as possible, it is also advisable that you lend it voice – your own or sometimes another person’s. The ancients are said to have read aloud even when they were alone. Rapid, cursive reading with the eyes and without sounding the words is a modern invention; this […]

Books are like foreign countries or parts of your own land that you have never visited. You do not have to travel over them mile by mile to get a reasonably adequate idea of what they are like. The account of one honest traveler saves you that, especially if he knows you and has seen […]

“Keep daily notes,” Max Jacobs said, “neat, legible notes with exact dates. If I had kept a diary day by day, today I would have a whole encyclopedia. One word re-creates a whole atmosphere. Oh, how much we lose! What jewels are lost! Be sure to keep a journal of your life. Like this: “June […]