Jim Harrison Quotes

Back to my cabin and the early weeks of bird season with the wind off Lake Superior at over forty knots during a three-day blow, an autumnal torment that usually doesn’t happen until mid-October. Though my dog Rose is nearly eight years old she doesn’t recognize the meaning of bad weather. She watched me pack […]

At a party recently I was describing the improbable skills of a very large mixed-blod (Objiway) hunter and fisherman I know who at times will drink a full bottle of whiskey with his dinner which is admittedly a bit much. A bright young woman, a sociologist out of the University of Michigan, said my friend […]

On the other side of the smudgy coin the forces of antihunting sem to be increasing, but then this effort is fueled largely by the idea that there is a sacred monoethic by which we all might live. If I readily admit that fully half of all hunters are swinish and regularly betray all notions […]

Students of literature understand that tragedy doesn’t include hangovers. No matter how acute, the pain of hangovers can’t rise above farce.