John Derbyshire Quotes

Simplistic, adj. Predicated on the belief, or apparent belief, that good and evil differ from each other in some fashion.

There is no reason why an individual homosexual might not be a good and honorable person, any more than there is any reason why an individual heterosexual might not be a liar and a thief. In matters social and organizational, though, the sum is often greater than the parts, and it is not the one […]

This is a dreadful event, a triumph for the forces of death over the forces of life. Robinson cheerfully acknowledges that he is an active homosexual. The Bible is perfectly clear that homosexual acts are sinful. Our Lord gave sinners strict and clear instructions: stop sinning, and repent your past sins. Robinson is in brazen […]

I remember reading, at an early age, Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. The hero of that book is Mr. Phileas Fogg, a Frenchman’s notion of an English Gentleman: taciturn, solitary, obsessively punctual, living his life according to a strict routine – in short, anal-retentive in the extreme. At the beginning of the […]

Communist, n. A person who adheres to the economic and political theories of Karl Marx and V. I. Lenin. No member of the U.S. media knows any such person, nor ever has. Probably no such person ever existed. If such a person did exist, he or she was undoubtedly full of good intentions, though perhaps […]

One thing about Ronald Reagan that struck me time and again was his obvious, visceral loathing of communism. For him it wasn’t just a difference of opinion about economics or governance: he saw through the whole thing to its essentially anti-human nature. And this was at a time, we all too easily forget, when plenty […]

There are, of course, real artists, doing real work, all over the Western world, struggling through all kinds of difficulties and obscurity to keep the magnificent tradition alive, and push it forward an inch or two. What a pity that the little attention they can get for their work in a frivolous, easily distracted age […]